Cotton Patch Hunting Club donates prizes for JPRD kids fishing tourney

Webster’s Dictionary defines the sharing of knowledge, ideas, etc…. (including money) between two different entities for the purpose of mutual enrichment, as “cross – pollination.” Another way to describe it in general terms is “Good Looking Out!” However you want to reflect on the act of kindness demonstrated by the Cotton Patch Hunting Club, what needs to be said to their members is a big ‘ole THANK YOU|!

There can’t be two different entities much further apart than an adult hunting club and a youth fishing tournament. Yet the “cross pollination” of the hunting club giving $200.00 to the Jackson Parish Recreation Department to be used for prizes was more than “mutually beneficial” it resulted in smiles and memories that will last forever.  Especially for eight year old, Shepard Norred, whose two fish won the tournament held at the lake located at the Golf Course for most and biggest fish caught. Also competing was Jackson, Andrew and Hayden Seymore and Kaleb Roge’.

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