Beauty and the Beast theme of Jackson Parish Library “Spooktacular”

The Jonesboro Branch of the Jackson Parish Library closed Friday afternoon in celebration of the 5th annual Halloween Spooktacular. If you didn’t attend you missed a real treat. No, this is not in reference to the free candy that was given out by the JPL staff but the jaw dropping backdrops and special effects brought forth through lighting and design that literally took your breath away as you walked through the exhibit that went from one end of the Library to the other. 

As you went from room to room you literally forgot you were in the Library but instead felt like you had been transported to the set of the iconic Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Surely the Library had hired a professional design group to set this up right? Wrong! Every item and detail was designed, put together and built by members of the incredibly talented local staff.

“We started working on this in September,” said Herman Bonnett, who was one of the three main set designers along with JoAnna Gibson and Judy Robertson. “It was a lot of work but to see how it came out made it all worth it.”

See below for a sampling of the sets that were created.

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