Police Jury takes no action on disposition of roads and hospital project

As it turned out the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury on Monday was much ado about nothing. The agenda showed that jury members: Todd Culpepper, Lewis Chatham, John McCarty, Amy Magee, Tarneshala “Niki” Cowans, Regina Rowe and Lynn Treadway was supposed to consider and act on the recommendation by the Operations Committee to have a public hearing on sixteen roads in the Parish Road system. They considered, but they didn’t act. 

The idea to have a public hearing was so that comments could be heard before the Jury voted on how each road served the public or if the parish maintenance ending point should be adjusted. Each motion that was presented died from the lack of a second. As result, now nothing will be done in any form or fashion until at least after the next monthly meeting.

That wasn’t the only item that received any participative action by the panel. Whien it came time to vote on on the recommendation made to reject all bids in regard to the Jackson Parish Hospital (JPH) drainage project, once again, no action was taken. It was reported that the reason that the prior bids needed to be rejected was the time frame on the 8 million dollar project had expired and new bids now needed be considered.  Also causing a problem was the request made by the Police Jury for the JPH to contribute $300,000.00 toward the project fell on deaf ears. As result all is now in limbo even as far as if the project will be completed at all. 

One action that was taken involved the Jury agreeing to advertise for outside agencies to make bids on what they would charge to provide waste collection at the bin sites across the parish. This is designed to see if it is more cost efficient for an independent company to provide the service instead of the parish. Acceptance of the material bids for 2022 was also agreed upon and a general laborer was hired in the Solid Waste Department. The meeting ended following the announcement that a public hearing for the 2022 Consolidated Budget would be set and well as 2022 liquour applications would be considered.  


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