A Harvey Wall Hanger

About a month ago, Jonesboro resident Tyler Harvey went on a hunt with friend and co-worker, Brent Mize, with the pair coming home with a small buck and doe. No big deal, right? Well, in case you are not familiar with the recap of that expedition that was published exclusively in the Jackson Parish Journal, considering that Harvey is legally blind it was quite the feat.

Instead of satisfying a desitre though, it only wet the appetite. You must understand. It wasn’t just a deer or even one with a few horns on it that the vivacious young man wanted. He had taken part in that several times over.

“I have always wanted to be able to put a mount on my wall,” said Harvey. “Now I’ve got one.”

It was once again Mize who gave the assist as he lined up the shot at the big 8-point buck before Harvey pulled the trigger. While the pair had already practiced and been successful in their tandem effort of Mize shouldering the gun and Harvey reaching around from behind to squeeze off the shot, this time it was a little different.

“It seemed like I was holding the crosshairs on forever,” said Mize. “It is really a strange feeling waiting and trying to anticipate when someone else is going to pull the trigger. Even though we have our routine down pretty pat, it is have not to flinch when you hear the smallest of noises.”

Still the buck dropped in it’s tracks.

“It was a neck shot,” laughed Mize. “I probably jerked a little but it dropped straight down, so all’s well that ends well.”

The pair got their opportunity for the “Wall-Hanger” thanks to David Greer who had heard about Harvey’s ambition for a trophy buck. Greer, who has several hundred acres south of Jonesboro that he dedicates to hunting for those with handicaps, invited the pair to take a stand on Saturday, January 8th.

“I was blown away by what David has done for the handicapped, ” said Mize. “What we hunted in wasn’t a stand but a big shooting house that had wheelchair ramps leading up to it and super easy to access. Even better was that we only were there for about an hour or so before that big boy stepped up.”

The best part of this is that it brings to mind more than just a young man who has overcome many obstacles in his life to enjoy a wonderful moment. This is a reminder of how good it is to have friends. How good it is to see people do something for others just for the pure joy of it. How good it is to live among people who know the true meaning of it is better to give than receive.

It is the kind of thing that just makes you proud to live where we do and among the people we call neighbors. Raise your glasses Jackson Parish. We are going to celebrate with a Harvey Wall Hanger!

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2 thoughts on “A Harvey Wall Hanger

  1. Oh how good our God is Tyler that there are angel humans among us that have such beautiful hearts to reach out & be an aid in making dreams come true for people with disabilities ! I am so pleased for you ! Proud of you not just for this kill but for the way you live your life . Never complaining but giving God the glory & praise for your life . You are an inspiration to all of us ! Hugs & much love from your Kentucky friends !

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