Town of Jonesboro Receives Clean Audit for 2019 and 2020

(Press Release by Town of Jonesboro) The citizens of the Town of Jonesboro have a reason to celebrate. Something that has not happened in many years has happened recently and that is the town received not one, but two unmodified audit opinions for the 2019 and 2020 audits. An unmodified opinion is the desire of every municipality as it is the best audit report one can get. The Town of Jonesboro has been
removed from the non-compliance list thereby making us eligible to apply for grant funding to
continue making improvements to the town’s infrastructure, streets, and other essential items for
the town.

There are four (4) types of auditor opinions: unmodified opinion or clean report; qualified
opinion or qualified report, disclaimer of opinion or disclaimer report and adverse opinion or
adverse audit report. The highest and best is the one received by the town in its two most recent
years of reports, unmodified opinion.

Mayor Thompson said:

“I am pleased with the progress made by the town over the last three and
one-half years of my administration. While we are not where I would want us to be financially, I
can see that we are on track to becoming more financially solvent. To have not one but two
years of unmodified audit opinions is no small feat. I want to thank the team at City Hall for the
work they put into making this a reality. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve
this kind of audit and is indicative of the commitment to excellence by the team I have
assembled. Our goal is to continue operating at the highest level of efficiency and integrity and
to do what is best for the citizens of the Town of Jonesboro. We aspire to continue achieving
great audit reports.”

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor, while removing the town from the non-compliance list, did
remind us that the town’s fiscal health is still one of concern. We are seeking new revenue
streams and cutting expenses wherever possible. Our goal is to increase revenues so that the
revenues exceed expenses and to continue providing the town’s citizens with quality service.
Jonesboro let’s roll up our sleeves and continue to make the necessary improvements in our

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