Boil Advisory issued for Town of Jonesboro

The town of Jonesboro is under a Boil Advisory until further notice. The following announcement was issued to town residents through a text message on Tuesday at 11:50 am. 

Message from Jonesboro, Town of, LA

Due too a combination of water leaks on both private and public sides of the water distribution system a Boil Advisory has been issued. The advisory is to remain in effect until further notice.

Health departments issue a boil water advisory, or boil water notice, whenever a contaminant gets into drinking water. During an advisory be extra careful that water is clean before you drink it or use it. Typically, this means purchasing bottled water or boiling your tap water.

How to properly boil water

If your tap water is cloudy, give it time to settle. Strain the water with a clean cloth, paper towel, or coffee filter to remove the sediment. If your tap water is clear, skip this step.
Hold water at a rolling boil for at least one minute to kill all harmful bacteria. In high elevation locations (over 6,500 feet) water has a lower boiling point and should be boiled for at least three minutes. Because coffeepots don’t boil water long enough to make it safe, you can’t use them to purify water.
Don’t forget to let the water cool before drinking or storing it!

You should boil your water before doing any of following activities:

Making ice — also throw away any ice that may have become contaminated
Brushing your teeth
Preparing baby formula
Preparing food
Preparing drinks (even when the drink has its own filter, like coffee made with a coffee maker)
Giving pets water to drink

Water doesn’t need to be purified when doing laundry, washing hands, or bathing. However, you should be careful to avoid getting water in your eyes or mouth. It’s also recommended to use purified water for bathing young children, people with weak immune systems, and people with an open wound.

You can use unpurified water to wash dishes, but the dishes should be soaked in a mixture of water and bleach for at least a minute after washing.

JHHS host Lincoln Prep on Thursday, visits Arcadia on Friday

After starting the basketball season much later than most schools in the area, Jonesboro-Hodge will make up for some of the lost time by hosting Lincoln Prep on Thursday, December 29th and traveling to Arcadia on Friday, December 30th. These are the only games scheduled for the area this week as all other schools are out for the Christmas / New Year’s holidays.  

The JHHS boys enter the Thursday contest with a 4-5 record and sitting at #8 in the LHSAA “non-select” Division IV rankings, while Lincoln Prep comes in at 6-3 and ranked #7 among “select” schools in Division IV. Arcadia is 6-7 on the year and ranked #14 in Division IV “select” school rankings. 

In girls action, Lincoln Prep will be searching for their first win of the season after ten straight losses when they visit the Lady Tigers who are at 2-8 on the year. Both squads are ranked #29, in their respective divisions. The Arcadia girls are sitting at 11-6 on the year and  #11 in Division IV “non-select” rankings.

Thursday, December 29th

JHHS vs Lincoln Prep (Girls – 6pm / Boys – 7pm)

Friday, December 30th

JHHS at Arcadia (Girls – 6pm / Boys – 7pm)


Basketball stat leaders for Jackson Parish schools

With the 2022 portion of the LHSAA in the books and the 2023 schedule ahead, here is a look at the individuals that are leading the statistical categories for Jackson Parish and at each school.

Jackson Parish Individual Stat Leaders – Girls

Total Points ScoredEmma Kate McBride (WHS) – 264Briley Peterson (WHS) – 257Cali Deal (QHS) – 207
Per Game AverageEmma Kate McBride – 13.9Briley Peterson (WHS) – 13.5Cali Deal (QHS) – 12.9
Total ReboundsBriley Peterson (WHS) – 171Cali Deal (QHS) – 124Jessica Newton (WHS) – 106
Per Game AverageBriley Peterson (WHS) – 9.0Cali Deal (QHS) – 7.8Tyya Davis (JHHS) – 6/0
Total Assists Emma Kate McBride (WHS) – 65Bethany Leach (QHS) – 40Cali Deal (QHS) – 34
Per Game AverageEmma Kate McBride (WHS) – 3.4Bethany Leach (QHS) – 2.5Cali Deal (QHS) – 2.1
Total StealsBriley Peterson (WHS) – 50Lainee Trosclair (WHS) -47Bethany Leach (QHS) – 43
Per Game AverageBethany Leach (QHS) – 2.7Briley Peterson (WHS) – 2.6Trosclair/Millien (WHS) – 2.5
Total BlocksJessica Newton (WHS) – 49Nadia Siadek (WHS) – 16Briley Peterson (WHS) – 13
Per Game AverageJessica Newton (WHS) – 2.6Nadia Siadek (WHS) – 0.9Peterson (WHS) Deal (QHS) – 0.7
Total 3-Pointers Emma Kate McBride (WHS) – 36Lainee Trosclair (WHS) – 32Brayli Stewart (QHS) – 30
Per Game AverageEmma Kate McBride (WHS) – 2.05Bethany Leach (QHS) – 1.81Brayli Stewart (QHS) – 1.76

Jackson Parish Individual Stat Leaders – Boys

Total Points ScoredLogan Ponder (QHS)- 220Bryce Zehr (WHS) – 193Eli Walker (QHS) – 168
Per Game AverageMitchel Mathews (WHS) – 14.91Ajay Tew (JHHS) – 14.70Logan Ponder (QHS) – 12.90
Total ReboundsBlake Carter (QHS) – 143Logan Ponder (QHS) – 80Savantez Phillips (JHHS) – 67
Per Game AverageBlake Carter (QHS) – 8.9Savantez Phillips (JHHS) – 7.44Zion Gray (JHHS) – 7.33
Total Assists Logan Ponder (QHS) – 42Ajay Tew (JHHS) – 28Eli Walker (WHS) – 24
Per Game AverageAjay Tew (JHHS) – 3.11Logan Ponder (QHS) – 2.50Jarrius Lumpkin (JHHS) – 1.88
Total StealsLogan Ponder (QHS) – 39Brayden Smith (QHS) – 27Blake Carter (QHS) – 25
Per Game AverageLogan Ponder (QHS) – 2.3Brayden Smith (QHS – 1.6Blake Carter (QHS) – 1.6
Total BlocksBlake Carter (QHS) – 35Zion Gray (JHHS) – 7Cameron Leonard (JHHS) – 3
Per Game AverageBlake Carter (QHS) – 2.2Zion Gray (JHHS) – 0.77Cameron Leonard (JHHS) – 0.43
Total 3-Pointers Ajay Tew (JHHS) – 24Eli Walker (QHS) – 23Gavyn Caskey (QHS)- 14
Per Game AverageAjay Tew (JHHS) – 2.67Eli Walker (QHS) – 1.35Gavyn Caskey (QHS) – 1.27
WHS stats for Total Points and Points Per Game average only

Jonesboro-Hodge High School – Girls

Total Points/per gameMorgan McGee – 55 / 6.1Kaelin Palmer – 39 / 4.3Tyya Davis – 30 / 3.8
Total Rebounds/per gameTyya Davis – 48 / 6.0Morgan Magee – 37 / 4.1LeRonda McGuire – 36 / 4.0
Total Assists/per gameA’Joriana Hoggro – 14 / 1.75LeRonda McGuire – 12 / 1.33Jalenya Jackson – 8 / 0.88
Total Steals/per gameA’Joriana Hoggro – 18 / 2.25Kaelin Palmer – 16 / 1.77LeRonda McGuire – 15 / 1.67
Total Blocks/per gameMorgan Magee – 4 / 0.44Tyya Davis – 3 / 0.38Kselin Palmer – 2 / 0.22
Total 3 Pointers madeMorgan Magee – 5Jalenya Jackson – 3A’Joriana Hoggro – 2

Jonesboro-Hodge High School – Boys

Total Points/per gameAjay Tew – 132 / 14.7Zion Gray – 97 / 10.8Savantex Phillips – 78 / 8.7
Total Rebounds/per gameSavantez Phillips – 67 / 7.44Zion Gray – 66 / 7.33Jarrius Lumpkin – 40 / 4.44
Total Assists/per gameAjay Tew – 28 / 3.11Jarrius Lumpkin – 17 / 1.88Zion Gray – 9 / 1.0
Total Steals/per gameAjay Tew – 14 / 1.55Jarrius Lumpkin – 13 / 1.44Savantez Phillips – 13 / 1.44
Total Blocks/per gameSavantez Phillips – 8 / 0.88Zion Gray – 7 / 0.77Cameron Leonard – 3 / 0.43
Total 3 Pointers madeAjay Tew – 24 Edward Beard – 6Zion Gray – 5

Quitman High School – Girls

Total Points/per gameCali Deal – 207 / 12.9Bethany Leach – 177 / 11.1Brayli Stewart – 171 / 10.1
Total Rebounds/per gameCali Deal – 124 / 7.8Emma Carter – 68 / 4.0AJ Gray – 56 / 3.3
Total Assists/per gameBethany Leach – 40 / 2.5Cali Deal – 34 / 2.1Brayli Stewart – 31 / 1.8
Total Steals/per gameBethany Leach – 43 / 2.7Cali Deal – 36 / 2.3Summer Grillette – 34 / 2.0
Total Blocks/per gameCali Deal – 11 / 0.7Anna Leach – 7 / 0.4Brayli Stewart – 6 / 0.4
Three Pointers madeBrayli Stewart – 30Bethany Leach – 29Anna Leach – 3

Quitman High School – Boys

Total Points/per gameLogan Ponder 220 / 12.9Eli Walker – 168 / 9.9Blake Carter – 163 / 10.2
Total Rebounds/per gameBlake Carter – 143 / 8.9Logan Ponder – 80 / 4.7Brayden Smith – 54 / 3.2
Total Assists/per gameLogan Ponder – 42 / 2.5Eli Walker – 24 / 1.4Blake Carter – 23 / 1.4
Total Steals/per gameLogan Ponder – 39 / 2.3Brayden Smith – 27 / 1.6Blake Carter – 25 / 1.6
Total Blocks/per gameBlake Carter – 35 / 2.2Logan Ponder – 2 / 0.15 tied with 1
Three Pointers madeEli Walker – 23Gavyn Caskey – 14Logan Ponder – 11

Weston High School – Girls

Total Points/per gameEmma Kate McBride – 264 / 13.9Briley Peterson – 257 / 13.5Lainee Trosclair – 180 / 9.5
Total Rebounds/per gameBriley Peterson – 171 / 9.0Jessica Newton – 106 / 5.6Lexie Millien – 101 / 5.6
Total Assists/per gameEmma Kate McBride – 65 / 3.4Briley Peterson – 28 / 1.5Lainee Trosclair – 16 / 0.8
Total Steals/per gameBriley Peterson – 50 / 2.6Lainee Trosclair – 47 / 2.5Lexie Millien – 45 / 2.5
Total Blocks/per gameJessica Newton – 49 / 2.6Nadia Siadek – 16 / 0.9Briley Peterson – 13 / 0.7
Total 3-PointersEmma Kate McBride – 36Lainee Trosclair – 32Anslee Aldy – 21

Weston High School – Boys

Total Points ScoredBryce Zehr – 193Mitchel Mathews – 164Tait Henderson – 130
Per Game AverageMitchel Mathews – 14.91Bryce Zehr – 12.87Tait Henderson – 11.82
No other stats available

What’d we do in ’22

In good ol’ 2022, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Love Languages, a lady named Amy earned $1 million-plus and made the Jeopardy! TV game show cry “Uncle!”, LSU’s football team won more games than even the Tigers’ most loyal and optimistic fan thought possible, and Port-O-Lets again made their presence known during Mardi Gras as one of the best inventions since indoor plumbing — which turned out to be heavy plastic outdoor plumbing.

Good times.

These were just some of the more light-hearted and trivial happenings of a somewhat gray 2022, a year that had this One Big Thing going for it: it wasn’t 2021 or, Lord help us all, 2020, when our leaders didn’t.

I was born at night, but not last night.

Actually, I was born at 8:15 in the morning, just in time to clock in, and have been carrying my little tool box and lunch pail since. Like you, the past two years have beaten all I’ve ever seen and have tried, overly hard, to beat us down.

But here we are, still flying the flag, like the old man in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, a little thinner and gaunt, showing some deep wrinkles and splotches, some deep-creased scars, but our eyes are bright and cheerful and undefeated.

We can hardly afford to buy the toot off a whistle if they were selling for a nickel apiece, but we soldier on. The world keeps spinning and we’re happy to be along for the ride into what we trust will be a more upbeat 2023.

2022 was the year that brought us Wordle. Remember last year this time when everybody was Wordleing? The fad has worn off a bit, but last spring, Wordle was almost as popular as Taylor Swift.

2022 was also the year when Top Gun: Maverick became required viewing. Is it the best sequel since The Godfather Part II?

Fair Grounds Field was demolished in 2022 — until it wasn’t. Red tape and bat poop sort of sums up the year; the higher-ups don’t want to admit a mistake and get things back on greased grooves.

Closer to home, we became grandparents in July 2022, a definite highlight. She’s a healthy five months old. Because we are good grandparents, we took her to see Top Gun: Maverick five times and sold all we have except our toothbrushes to get her a Taylor Swift concert ticket. She’ll have to go alone because one is all we could afford but the kid has got to learn to stand on her own at some point.

We did not get her a ticket to Monday’s Cheez-It Citrus Bowl in Orlando when 9-4 LSU takes on 8-5 Purdue/Purdon’t because although we love Chees-Its, one of the highest quality dairy foods you can eat, who knew LSU could threaten a 10-win season? This is a team that started a receiver at quarterback and had 38 players on scholarship in last year’s bowl game, something called the TaxAct Texas Bowl when Kansas State beat what was left of the Tigers, 42-20.

Hat tippage to new coach Brian Kelly and Tiger fans everywhere for their expectation-exceeding results this fall.

Since this is the first time ever the two programs have met and since the only alum of Purdue people in these parts might know is New Orleans Saints forever-hero Drew Brees, you might find it of interest that the nice lady who invented Stovetop Stuffing, Ruth Siems, went to Purdue, as did Orville Redenbacher, the popcorn magnate. Doubtful that either of those things will come into play during Monday’s game — unless the Boilermakers have Stovetop Stuffing and popcorn for pregame. Then we really like LSU to cover the two-touchdown spread. Kick is at noon Monday, Jan. 2.

2023 kicks off the day before.

Contact Teddy at

Jackson Parish Library to be closed Dec. 31 and Jan. 2nd

In observance of the New Year’s holiday both branches of the Jackson Parish Library will be closed on Saturday, December 31st and Monday, January 2nd. Both branches will reopen on Tuesday. 

Kids Storytime on Wednesday at Jonesboro Branch

The final Storytime of the year for the kids will take place on Wednesday, December 28th at the Jonesboro Branch. The book Snowmen Are Snow Awesome will be read at 10:0am in the Multi Purpose Room.Join for the reading of the book, songs and fun. No registration is required. 

Movie Mania at Chatham Branch on Wednesday

At 2:00pm on Wednesday, the movie Tiger Rising will be shown at the Chatham Branch, located at 1500 Pine Street. There is no cost for admission. Free popcorn and refreshments will be available as well. 

Jackson Parish 4-H busy in December

Jackson Parish 4-H members were busy throughout the month of December. At each of the parish schools and at the monthly session held at the Charles H Garrett Community Center the 4-H’ers held meetings, had contests and participated craft projects. See below for a pictorial of some of the activity that took place. 

Washington Family bike and toy giveaway biggest and best yet

For 18 years Ronald B. Washington, owner and director of Paradise Funeral Home in Jonesboro and his wife Yumeaka, has spread the Christmas spirit through their annual bike and toy giveaway. This year was the biggest and best yet as over 50 families from across north Louisiana received bicycles and toys through their benevolence.

“We were blessed to serve over 50 families this season commencing with my hometown (Cooper Road, LA) and concluding with Jackson, Bienville and Union Parishes during our annual bicycles and toys giveaway,” said Washington. 

American Red Cross holding “Sound the Alarm” home fire campaign

The American Red Cross will run its Sound the Alarm home fire campaign from Jan. 7 to Jan. 28, 2023.

The Red Cross says they respond to a house fire or other disaster every 8 minutes in Louisiana, and the Sound the Alarm event allows them to ensure public safety during such house fires.

This year, the Red Cross says they are hoping to install 50,000 free smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods in 50 cities around Louisiana.

Along with installing smoke alarms, volunteers will also be giving information on escape plans and tips to use during a house fire.

American Red Cross is asking for volunteers to help install smoke alarms, pack bags and give out information throughout the neighborhoods.

With the help of this event, the Red Cross says they have been able to install over 37,000 smoke alarms in homes, make over 13,000 escape plans and replace over 3,000 batteries in smoke alarms.

If you cannot afford a smoke alarm or are unable to install one yourself, the Red Cross allows you to request a smoke alarm.

A list of fire safety tips can be found on the American Red Cross website.

If you or your group would like to volunteer, contact Paige Chatelain at

If you would like to donate, visit their website.

Troubles Come In Threes

No doubt you have heard that when something bad happens to you, get ready; your problems are about to triple.

Such was the case during this recent bout of Arctic weather that caught all us southerners unaware. Actually, the weather folks had been telling us to get ready for one of the coldest blasts in recent times but I’m not sure we were prepared for temperatures dropping suddenly into single digits accompanied by strong icy north winds.

At our house, we took the precautions we had been told to do, things like wrapping pipes, putting those Styrofoam do-hickeys on outside faucets, letting water drip in the sinks and such.

We were settling down to a long winter’s hanging with it when just before dark on Thursday, the day the blast hit, our house went dark. I mean, totally dark. Our power was out. Calling Entergy to report the outage, we sat, we waited, it was getting colder as each minute passed. Finally 4 ½ hours later, we found out the problem; the high winds had knocked down a power pole just down the road. They fixed it and bingo – the lights and blessed heat came on.

Everything was okay then, right? We assumed it was but during the night, we were having to add more cover because even though the heating unit was running, we determined that the air it was producing was akin to the temperature of the wind howling outside. In short, our heating unit was on the fritz.

It was not until the following afternoon as we huddled for warmth and even drove to town in a warm car and got a bite to eat that we were able to get a technician from one of the three companies we called to come out, locate and fix the problem. The power surge when we lost power had knocked out the breaker to our heating unit. It was fixed and we watched with sighs of relief as the temperature in the house was starting to climb.

Finally, we were back in business and would be able to ride out the Arctic blast. We thought we were until I hit the start button on my computer to get back to work and nothing happened; it was deader’n a doornail.

Calling my computer guru in Bossier City, Rex Moncrief, he determined that the problem was in the monitor; it was as dark and lifeless. I had my radio program to put together for Tuesday afternoon’s broadcast and there was no computer to create the program. I reverted to what I formerly did when I began as a writer half a century ago. I wrote it all out in long-hand,
read it to my phone and emailed it to the station.

That was one deadline I met but I was faced with another critical one; I had to come up with my weekly column for the newspapers for which I write, columns that I email after putting them together. With email not available, I was stuck until Tuesday morning when shops were back in business after the holidays. Locating a monitor at Office Depot, I brought it home,
unpacked it and called my buddy Rex to help me get it installed. What you are reading now is my first effort on my restored computer. If it’s a little scatter brained, you’ll hopefully understand.

That makes three problems in a row that we faced and eventually conquered and I pray to the Good Lord that things will be on the up and up now. Let’s just hope when everything thaws when the freeze lets up that there won’t be water spraying everywhere. The plumbers are busy enough without me adding to their workload.

”Suffering through the loss of heat during the recent Arctic blast.”

American Mattress Outlet coming to Ruston

(reprint from the Lincoln Parish Journal)

Ruston is getting a new mattress business.

Robby Compton, who has owned and operated American Mattress Outlet in West Monroe since 2017, is now opening a store in Lincoln Parish.

The new store will open on Tuesday, Jan. 3, and will be located at 208 West Alabama Avenue.

“Opening a store in Ruston has been a goal of mine since we opened in West Monroe,” said Compton. “I have always loved Ruston, and I was just waiting on the right space and the right store manager.

“I think the new store being downtown is perfect. The spot is perfect. We will have the same great products and service that we have always had at our West Monroe location.”

According to Compton, the Ruston store will carry mattress collections from Southerland that include American Sleep, Scandinavian Sleep, Thermo Balance, and Signature by Southerland,” said Compton. “We will also carry Bed Tech, American Bedding, and MD Mattress.”

Compton said the store will also carry Bed Tech and Malouf adjustable bases as well Malouf sheets and pillows.

John Aaron Green will serve as the Ruston store manager after working at the West Monroe location for the past four years.

American Mattress Outlet’s slogan is: “You don’t have to go into debt to get a great night’s sleep.”

“I think the great folks of Ruston and in Lincoln Parish will be happy with our selection and prices,” said Compton.

For more information on American Mattress Outlet, go to:

NOTE: American Mattress Outlet is an advertiser in the Jackson Parish Journal. 


A Father’s Advice

The coming of a new year brings hope for us all. It is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many of us will set goals that we could never achieve, but we must believe that we can achieve anything. We must believe in ourselves. No matter what happens this coming year, don’t stop believing in yourself.

In the early 1970s, Jonathan moved from his hometown of Chicago to Los Angeles, California. The only being Jonathan knew in “the City of Angels” was his beloved dog that he brought with him from Chicago. Jonathan, a talented musician, hoped to “make it big” in the music industry. At eight years old, Jonathan began taking accordion lessons. As a teenager, he made extra money playing accordion and piano in clubs and at parties. Following high school, Jonathan attended the Chicago Conservatory of Music. His parents, teachers, and friends all thought he had the talent required to “make it,” and encouraged him to give it a shot.

Jonathan was hopeful when he arrived in Los Angeles, but he quickly began to struggle just to survive. There were opportunities for up-and-coming musicians to play, but the market was saturated with fine musicians who often played for little or no pay. More often than not, Jonathan’s income from playing music was too little to allow him to pay his bills and eat, too. He became one of Los Angeles’s many starving artists. When he became desperate, which happened often, Jonathan ashamedly called his father and asked for a small loan. His father always sent Jonathan what money he could and reassured him that one-day things would be better.

Then, an event happened which brought Jonathan to the point of giving up on his dream, his beloved dog was hit by a car and severely injured. He had no money to pay the vet. Once again, he called his father for another loan. His father could hear the discouragement in his voice more than any other time that Jonathan had called. “Dad,” Jonathan asked in a dispirited voice, “should I just give up on this thing and come home?” His father reassured him as he always had. “No. Don’t come home,” his father said. Always full of encouragement, his father gave him another piece of advice which Jonathan thought important enough to jot down in his notebook.

With his father’s reassurance, Jonathan kept searching for the right opportunity. He thought that opportunity had finally arrived in 1976 when he recorded a solo album which he named after his hometown, “Windy City Breakdown.” The album failed to chart, and Jonathan’s struggle continued. In 1978, Jonathan joined a British rock group called The Babys. Jonathan recorded two albums with The Babys, but the band failed to achieve the level of success they had hoped for and, in 1980, the group disbanded. In that same year, Jonathan joined another band and began working on an album with them. The band needed two more songs to complete the album, and the band’s lead singer asked Jonathan if he had any song ideas. Jonathan flipped through his notebook and read again the advice his father had given him several years earlier. Those three simple words of encouragement became the inspiration of and title of one of Jonathan’s band’s biggest hits. It has been described as the “perfect rock song” which featured Jonathan playing “one of the best opening keyboard riffs in rock.” The song was the best-selling digital track from the 20th century. The band was Journey. The name of the song and the advice his father gave Jonathan Cain was,… “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Those three words were good advice from Jonathan’s father then and have remained good advice to listeners for over forty years. If we “Don’t Stop Believin’” in ourselves, we can accomplish anything in the coming new year.

Happy New Year!

Letter to the Editor

Disclaimer: The Jackson Parish Journal welcomes letters to the editor. The letters may be edited for clarity, legal ramifications, length, or general taste at the editor’s discretion. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish submitted letters for the same reasons. All letters must be signed. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the views of the Jackson Parish Journal, its Publisher, its staff, or its advertisers.

U.S. Law bars insurrection, with our Code stating that “whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the Laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined
under this Title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States”. If democrats can get President Trump convicted of insurrection, then the job is done.

Is now the time to mention “Russian collusion”? F.B.I. manipulation of Federal Judges to sign warrants authorizing spying on American citizens? The two-year, 32 million dollars, character assassination called the Mueller Report? The 100% fabrication of all this, not by Russia or China or Iran, but by the democrats and their members. How could any real American not be upset over the lies these people told every day? Is there a border crisis?

If you mean the 1.7 million crossings in the last 12 months, 221,000 last month, that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
dealt with, yes. The largest number since they started tracking it in 1960. These illegals are not given health screens or checked for criminal history. That makes sense. The Biden administration is sending them, by bus or plane, around the country. In fact, Tennessee just got told, that ICE would be transporting at least 50 illegals, twice a week by bus, from New Orleans, starting now.
No one asked Tennessee if they wanted them. The State doesn’t have the money to take care of people that are not American citizens because Joe Biden wants to do away with the middle class. Biden wishes he could control us like the Chinese do
their people, and I don’t know why he can’t. Look what a great job his supporters did on January 6th. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The Capital Police opened the barriers to let the people on Capital grounds, then opened a door or two, letting some in. I have never heard of an insurrection where the government takeover was done by an unarmed group of militants. One gun was fired, by a Police Lieutenant with 28 years experience, standing in the doorway of a room, shooting across the hall, through the glass of a steel door, into an unarmed American citizen, Ashli Babbitt, stripping her of her life, because he feared for his safety and the safety of the members of Congress. A 28-year veteran shoots an unarmed female because he feared for his life and the lives of the members of Congress. The democrats keep calling it a deadly insurrection, yet it was a veteran Capital police officer doing the killing. It is a really good thing the “black lives matter” protesters didn’t riot, no telling what would have happened.

Why would anyone be in favor of taking away the American Dream? Embracing this kind of transition into bondage? There will be no more reasons to “dream”. The history of your family’s time in America and their struggle to immigrate here and the customs and heirlooms handed down to you will no longer matter. What matters now, is that you support the communist party leaders and embrace communism and its history. How could anyone not be ready to shed their heritage and be proud of their children’s education centers on the history of the communist party? You have overthrown the evil, racist United States and made it to your
nirvana. Go forth and fulfill your destiny.

Shannon Morris
Eros, LA

Arrest Report (December 19-27)

NOTE: This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Charles Comeaux (Inglewood, CA) – Fugitive from Justice for Domestic Abuse Battery charge – Bossier City Police Department 
Chadwick Rogers (Pineville, LA) – Rapides Sheriff’s Office Warrant on Contempt of Court charge
Rocky S. Davis (Jonesboro, LA) – Possession of Schedule II, Registration light
Robin J. Jiles (Quitman, LA) – Issue of Worthless Check
Thomas Kennedy (Giblsand, LA) – Bossier Parish Sheriff Office Warrant x 2
Losalind H. Brown (Natchitoches, LA) – Possession of Schedule I, Possession of Schedule I Synthetic
Ayden Watkins (Jonesboro, LA) – Domestic Abuse Battery Involving Strangulation
Timothy Lamay (Jonesboro, LA) -Possession of Schedule I, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Tag Light, Driving Under Suspension, Hodge Bench Warrant x 2
John M. Willis (Columbia, LA) – Flight from an Officer, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Reckless Operaton
Crystal Howell (Eros, LA) – DWI 1st Offense, Improper Lane Usage
Mary R. LeBrun (Jonesboro, LA) – Simple Battery

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stewart stump removal cardStump Removal and Grinding: Call James Stewart at (318) 243-1009 or (318) 768-2554 for your stump removal and grinding needs. Free Estimates! 



First Baptist Church  – Jonesboro: Actively searching to fill the position of secretary. The job will require approximately 4-5 hours per day (M-F). Applicant needs to be proficient in general reception duties, Office 365, and basic financial record keeping. A good rapport with people and a teachable spirit are required. Resumes can be mailed to 500 S Cooper Ave, Jonesboro, or emailed to You may also call the church office at (318) 259-4467 for more information.


jh bookBook – “100-year history of JHHS football”  Comprehensive year-by-year description of the first 100 years (1919-2019) of JHHS football. Includes categorial individual and team top ten rankings. Perfect gift for that family member or friend who would enjoy remembering their “glory days”. The cost is $25.00 per book plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. To order call (318) 480-1206. 

commerative plateCommemorative Plates – Beautifully etched china plates commemorating Jonesboro-Hodge High School and Jackson Parish. To order contact Wilda Smith at (318) 426-6511 or Barbara Johnson at (318) 450-5561.


PWS ID# LA1049028

The SPRING CREEK SUBDIVISION WATER SYSTEM is currently in violation of the treatment technique requirements for minimum residual disinfectant level as set forth by the State (Part XII of the Louisiana State Sanitary Code). Although this incident is not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we are doing to correct this situation.
What happened?
The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has determined that the presence of microbiological contaminantsis a health concern at certain levels of exposure and requires the disinfection of drinking water to kill disease- causing organisms. Inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches. These symptoms, however, are not just associated with disease-causing organisms in drinking water, but also may be caused by a number of factors other than your drinking water. LDH has set enforceable requirements for treating drinking water to reduce the risk of these adverse health effects.
Treatment such as filtering and disinfecting the water removes and destroys microbiological contaminants.
Drinking water which is treated to meet LDH requirements is associated with little to none of this risk and should be considered safe.
We are required to monitor your water for the residual disinfectant level. This tells us whether we are effectively treating the water supply. During the compliance monitoring periods of (10/1/2022) through (10/31/2022), and (11/1/2022) through (11/30/2022), the SPRING CREEK SUBDIVISION WATER SYSTEM failed to provide the minimum residual disinfectant level in the treated water supplied to customers. The violation occurred because the treated water chlorine residual was less than 0.5 milligrams per liter in over five percent of the samples collected in the water system in two consecutive months.
What should you do?
You do not need to boil your water or take other corrective actions. However, if you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor.
Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.
What is being done?
Our operations partner (Clearwater Solutions) is looking into the issues and are planning to install a new chemical feed pump that is flow paced with the new master meter. The estimated completion date is Q1 (quarter one) 2023.
Magnolia Water UOC is committed to bringing our customers safe, reliable water services and will continue to work with the LDH to carry out this commitment.
For more information, please contact Magnolia Water at 1-855-643-8152.