Tornado victim offers his damaged trailer home to a needy family

The January tornado that ripped through Jackon Parish caused extensive damage to many homes. Included was a double-wide trailer home on Walker Road that was knocked off its foundation and did some structural damage. Fortunately for the resident, his insurance company paid for him to have his home replaced. As result, this benevolent gentleman is now offering to donate his former home to anyone who may need a home. 

“What the tornado didn’t swallow up of my mobile home you can have for free,” said Terry Tolar. “All you have to do is pay for the trailer to be moved.”

Kohler states that the mobile home did suffer some damage but is basically liveable and that he is glad to be in the position to “give back” his good fortune by giving the double-wide trailer away.  

“My hope is that someone who is in need will be able to enjoy the trailer,” continued Tolar. 

Please note that all furniture and appliances from the damaged trailer will be moved into his new home.

The mobile home, located at 1740 Walker Road in Jonesboro, is available to be viewed by contacting Tolar at 318-533-3689.


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