Town of Jonesboro to assume ownership of National Guard Armory

The winds of change has once again come to Jonesboro as another law enforcement agency in Jackson Parish will soon be moving into new surroundings. Following the move of the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office from the Courthouse to their new location on Hwy 167 South roughly a year ago, now the Jonesboro Police Department will be moving into new “digs” as well.

Per an agreement with the Louisiana National Guard, the Town of Jonesboro will soon assume ownership of the Armory, located on Hwy 4 East in Jonesboro, and the roughly two acres of land that sits directly behind the structure on Fairground Hill.

“As soon as the Guard gets all their property and makes necessary repairs to the building we will take ownership, We expect this to take place within the next 90-120 days,” said Town of Jonesboro Mayor James “Spike” Harris. “This will be a great thing for our town. Our plans are to move the Jonesboro Police Department into the main building of the Armory and the Street Department into the other.”

According to Harris, the agreement for the Town of Jonesboro to assume ownership of the Armory came about after having discussions with Representative Jack McFarland about how the property could be used. McFarland then orchestrated a meeting with General Keith Waddell of the Louisiana National Guard, who proposed giving the former home of the 199th Brigade Support Battalion back to the town.

“Much appreciation and thanks is to be given to Representative McFarland,” said Harris. “He was instrumental in getting this done as he arranged the meetings with General Waddell and played a big role in bringing this to fruition,” added Harris.

Mayor Harris said receiving the structures and property is a boon not only for the town of Jonesboro. Police and Public Works Departments but for all residents as well. 

“The added space will be a big help for both departments as it means better working conditions,” concluded Harris. “It is also great for our residents, as with the additional property was are receiving, we can now refurbish the area that has always been known as Fairgrounds Hill. At one time this was a popular events area. and I think it would be great for it to become this once again.” 




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