Remember This? Archie’s Alter Ego

On January 18, 1904, Archibald “Archie” Leach was born into a lower middle-class family in Bristol, England.  His father, Elias James Leach worked as a heat press operator in a garment factory.  His mother, Elsie Maria Leach, worked as a seamstress.  His parents’ first son, John, died from tuberculosis meningitis, commonly called TB, four years before Archie was born.  His parents struggled to cope with John’s death, even after the birth of Archie.  Archie’s dad tried to drown his sadness with alcohol and became withdrawn from everyone, even Archie.  His mother often suffered with bouts of deep depression where she was unable to function.  When Archie’s mother was not suffering from depression, she clung to Archie.  She filled young Archie’s head with hopes and dreams of one day being rich and famous.                 

When Archie was nine years old, he returned home from school to find his mother missing.  He asked his father where his mother had gone.  His father simply and vaguely replied that she had gone on holiday.  His father gave no other details and Archie knew not to press the matter.  Every so often, Archie would ask his father when his mother would return.  Archie wondered if he was responsible for driving his mother away.  Finally, his father told Archie that his mother had died.  Archie was stunned.  There had been no funeral and no grieving family members to console him or his father.  No one mentioned her at all.  She was just gone.  Archie was crushed.

Archie was not what teachers would call a good student.  He often acted out and was indifferent to his studies.  He had mood swings and was what some people called prickly.  Archie later described his early childhood with a hint of pain.  He described “the paucity of my own youth.  It lacked many advantages.”  Like his father, he was vague and evasive about the details.

In 1932, Archie invented an alter ego.  Archie said in later life, “I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be, and I finally became that person.  Or he became me.  Or we met at some point.  It’s a relationship.”  Through lots of practice, he somewhat Americanized his British accent.  He had always dressed nicely, at his mother’s insistence, but now he dressed impeccably.  He mastered etiquette and manners.  He was kind, polite, and courteous.  Now, his alter ego just needed a good name.  After some consideration, Archie chose the first name for his alter ego from a part he had once played in a stage production, and the last name from a list of one syllable last names prepared by a movie studio.  Pretty soon, people all over the world knew and loved Archie’s alter ego.

In about 1938, several years after Archie had created his alter ego, he learned that his mother had not died as his father had told him.  Archie’s mother had not gone on holiday.  She was overcome by clinical depression and Archie’s father had had her committed to a local mental institution.  To his surprise, Archie learned that his mother was still in the mental institution.  Archie found and reunited with his mother.  He later said of their meeting, “I was known to most of the world by sight and by name, yet not to my mother.”  By the time of their reunion, Archie’s alter ego had achieved fame and fortune, the dream his mother had filled him with when he was a child. 

Archie and his mother remained close for the rest of her life.  Once, while Archie and his mother were driving somewhere, she looked over at his graying hair.  She remarked that he should start dying his hair.  “Why?” he asked.  “You should.” She replied.  “It makes me look so old.”  She was 89 years old at the time.  Archie and his mother joined together in laughter.

In his 80s, some two decades after he had retired from acting, one reporter described Archie’s alter ego as having “thick, snow-white hair, lilting, affected accent, twinkling brown eyes, dimpled chin and a tan face that should be carved on Mount Rushmore.  He is terminally debonair, utterly witty, and smoother than a Brandy Alexander.”  Another reporter described Archie’s alter ego as “immortal—an ideal of sophistication…forever.” 

On November 29, 1986, Archibald Leach died from a stroke while preparing for a theater appearance.  Archie’s alter ego starred in many notable pictures including “His Girl Friday,” “The Philadelphia Story,” and the Alfred Hitchcock classic “North by Northwest.”  Archie was nominated for two academy awards but never won.  In 1970, the Academy of Motion Pictures presented him with an honorary Oscar for “his unique mastery of the art of screen acting.”  Women adored, and men wanted to be, not Archibald “Archie” Leach.  Everyone, including Archie, preferred his alter ego…Cary Grant.

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Summer League Starts to Wind Down

Leagues Results and Standings (As of August 3rd)

7 & 8 Girls

No changes in the standings as all games were washed away.

  1. Heyhunners 5-0-1
  2. Leach’s Line Drivers 4-2-1
  3. Johnny’ Pizza 2-4-0
  4. Jonesboro State Bank 2-4-0

7 & 8 Boys

No change for the 7 & 8 boys as Mother Nature ruled the week by raining out all games.

  1. SPS 4-2-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-2-2
  3. Traina’s Bakery 3-2-2
  4. Mercy Medical 1-5-1

9 & 10 Girls

Leach’s Turf Divas knocked off Extreme Nutrition in the only game played last week due to rain cancelling the other. The victory gave the unbeaten Divas a commanding two game lead with only three left to play. Pro Car and Vanguard look to break into the win column.  

  1. Leach’s Turf Divas 8-0-0
  2. Extreme Nutrition 5-2-1
  3. Pro Car Sparkle&Shine 0-5-2
  4. Vanguard Realty 0-6-1

9 & 10 Boys

There are still two games left to be played but Rhode’s Farm has won the league going away after dropping only one of their first nine games. Second place Southern Kustoms sits a distant four game back with Hodge Bank one and a half games further behind.

  1. Rhode’s Farm 7-1-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-5-1
  3. Hodge Bank 1-5-2

11-13 Girls

Catfish Inn continues to dominate with seven wins in a row. Next closest is Family Pharmacy sitting at four games back with Listle Real Estate two more behind.

  1. Catfish Inn 7-0-0
  2. Family Pharmacy 3-5-0
  3. Listle Real Estate 1-6-0

11–13 Boys

Jonesboro Glass takes the league title by one game over Academy Mortgage. Pardue Builders and Six Point rounded out the standings

  1. Jonesboro Glass 7-2-0
  2. Academy Mortgage 6-3-0
  3. Pardue Builders 3-5-1
  4. Six Point 1-7-1
We are having fun now! Taten Hall (on ground) and Sutton Vail (standing) enjoy 3-4 Wee Ball game

Arrest Reports July 23 – August 2

Summer sting results in multiple drug distribution charges

On July 31, 2020, Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies along with the Louisiana State Police and Federal Agents in a task force conducted Federal Arrest Warrants on Chadrick Carter, Adriene Caesar, Meshach Conley, and Justin Goss all for distribution of illegal CDS and drug trafficking charges. They were all booked in at the Jackson Parish Correctional Center and then transported to Federal Facilities awaiting trials. The arrests were just a few of the over twenty made in Jackson Parish during the last week of July and the first few days of August. See below for a full listing.

  1. Stephen Woodall (Winnfield, LA)- Possession of Schedule II drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Suspended Driver’s License, No Driver’s License, Cancelled Plates, No Insurance, No MVI
  2. Kerskan Evans (Hodge, LA) – Possession with intent to distribute a Schedule I drug, a Schedule II drug and a Controlled Substance; Possession of Schedule I drug and Controlled Substance
  3. Mark Maxwell Jr. (Bienville, LA) – Theft, Remaining after being forbidden to stay
  4. Terry Richards (Jonesboro, LA) – DWI, Open Container
  5. Tag Westbrook (Dodson, LA) – Criminal Damage to Property, Simple Battery
  6. Phillip Andrews (Chatham, LA) – DUS (Winn Parish)
  7. Chrissie Lebavon (North Hodge, LA) – Speeding
  8. Cedrick Riser (Chatham, LA) – Aggravated Assault, Simple Battery
  9. Ira Brooks (Baton Rouge, LA) – Failure to obey traffic control signals, No Driver’s License, Flight from an Officer, Obstruction of Justice, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Schedule I, II, III and IV drugs
  10. Barnabas Salsberry (Jonesboro, LA) – Felony Carnal Knowledge, Pornography including juveniles
  11. Kendrick Tatum (Chatham, LA) – Simple Battery
  12. Corey Hall (Natchitoches, LA) – Wreckless Operation of a motor vehicle, DUI, DUS, Possession of Schedule I drug, Possession with intent to distribute Schedule II and IV drug, Obstruction of Justice, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  13. Barnabas L Salsberry Jr. (Chatham, LA) – Second degree rape
  14. Darius White (Jonesboro, LA) – Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, No registration in vehicle
  15. Deantrius J. Capers (West Monroe, LA) – Simple Burglary (2 counts)
  16. Jonathan P. Ashcraft (Hodge, LA) – Simple Criminal Damage to Property, Simple Battery, Introduction of Contraband
  17. Edwin Murphy (Jonesboro, LA) – Simple Battery of an Infirmed, Domestic Abuse Battery
  18. Ashley Reddoch (Chatham, LA) – Natchitoches Warrant for failure to appear on Possession of Schedule II drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting an Officer
  19. Jasmine Bradley (Ruston, LA) – Resisting an Officeer, No headlight, Failure to appear Warrant for Possession of Schedule I drug, Improper Lane Usage, No Driver’s License
  20. Christin Winzer (Homer, LA) – Possession of Schedule I drug
  21. Virginia White (Jonesboro, LA) – Execution of Sentence
  22. Matthew C. Sheldon (Ruston, LA) – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  23. Mechiala T Hampton (Jonesboro, LA) – Possession of Schedule I drug
  24. Christopher C. Barr (Hodge, LA) Possession of Legend Drug, Possession of Marijuana, No Registration, Speeding
  25. Kyle Sims (Eros, LA) – Possession of Schedule II and III drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, No tag lamps
  26. Ashley Scott (Eros, LA) – Possession of Schedule IV drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


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Cub Scouts of America – For boys and girls in Kindergarten through the 5th grade. For more information contact: Dawn Slezak at (713) 824 – 1772.

Services offered:

Harris Yard Beautification – Professional Lawn Care provided at reasonable rates. Call Greg at (318) 245-2349

A1 Honey Do, LLCBoat house, deck building and repairs. A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). For estimates contact Mark Droesser, Owner at 318-366-7598 “We do what your honey can’t do”.

Death Notices: July 26th – August 3rd

Michael D. Schimmel     September 15, 1956 – July 26, 2020
Michael Douglas Schimmel, 63, passed away July 26, 2020 after a battle with Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. He was born September 15, 1956 in Newton, New Jersey and passed away in his home in Ruston, Louisiana.  Funeral Services were held on Wednesday, July 29, 202 at the Kilpatrick Funeral Home-Chapel in Ruston.  Officiating was Bro. Olin McLaren. Interment followed at the Garden of Memories in Jonesboro, LA withTravis Napper, Jason Campbell, Travis Ables, John Ables, Richie Schimmel, Tim Nalley, Rusty Kelley, Kent Greer and Stover Napper serving as Pallbearers

Mike was a hard worker all of his life. Although many considered him meticulous, he was the one they called when they needed something done the right way. He married the love of his life, Sharron, in 1982 and spent his entire adulthood doting on her and reminding her that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. He was a master electrician and was very skilled in everything he did. He was loyal as well, having worked for 44 years and 4 months at the paper mill in Hodge, LA. He enjoyed taking his family on vacations and was an avid cruiser, having been on 14 cruises all over the Caribbean.

In 1986 he became a father to his only child, Brittany. He loved videoing her every move and continued to carry pictures of her in his wallet until the day he died. His love language was Acts of Service and could often be found adding and installing lights, plugs, T.V.s and more for everyone he knew. He had lots of plans for his upcoming retirement, but instead had to teach his wife of 37 years how to finally drive while taking him back and forth to treatments. He was an avid gun collector and loved old trucks. He also loved a good old dirty joke and always had one handy for a good laugh. Ultimately Papa was his favorite title. He loved Emory, Stover, and Millie Michael and, even while sick, always had a spot saved for them in his chair.

He is preceded in death by brother, Vincent Nalley; sister; Patsey Beck and Father-In-Law, John Travis  Ables. Mike was survived by his wife Sharron Ables Schimmel; daughter Brittany Schimmel Napper and husband Travis Napper of Little Rock, AR; grandchildren Emory, Stover, and Millie Michael Napper of Little Rock, AR; mother Ruth Nalley of Oldfield, MO; sister Cathy Schimmel Judd and husband Byron Judd of Ruston, LA; sister Laurie Schimmel Greer and husband Kent Greer of Dubach, LA; brother Richie Schimmel and wife Donna Schimmel of Quitman, LA; brother Tim Nalley and wife Kathleen Nalley of Oldfield, MO; sister Sandy Nalley Kinman and husband Marty Kinman of Jonesboro, LA; mother-in-law Laura Ables of Jonesboro; brother-in-law Travis Ables and wife Sherry Ables of Jonesboro, LA; sister-in-law Tina Kelley and husband Rusty Kelley of Jonesboro, LA; sister-in-law Shanda Ables Campbell and husband Jason Campbell of Bossier City, LA; and several nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, and many extended family and friends.

Harvey Stephens      July 17, 1931 – July 26, 2020
Mr. George Harvey Stephens, age 88 of Jonesboro, passed away on Sunday, July 26, 2020 following a lengthy period of declining health. Mr. Stephens was a well-known retired plumber in the Jonesboro area.
Those left to cherish his memory are his wife, Doruther Stephens; children, John Smith, Gary Smith, Jeannie Presley, Wanda Swanner, James Smith; a host of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Melody Morrow; parents Albert Marcellas Stephens and Ollie Amelia (Morris) Stephens.
Graveside services were held Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at Transport Cemetery, near Dodson, with Reverend Bill Staples officiating. Interment followed in the cemetery under the direction of Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home.

Emily Phillips August 14, 1912 – July 29, 2020
Mrs. Margaret Emily Phillips, age 107 of Jonesboro, was graciously ushered into the presence of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 after a long and blessed life.  Mrs. Phillips was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and a wonderful friend.  She loved her family and enjoyed spending time with them and hearing about all of the grandchildren’s activities.  As long as she was physically able she was a faithful member of Ebenezer Baptist Church and worked in many of the church activities.  She had retired after many years in public education.

Those left to cherish her memory are daughters, Margaret Labit, Beth Beach & Tom; son, Joe Phillips & Carol; step-son, Phil Phillips; 6 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; 3 great-great-grandchildren; a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.  Mrs. Emily was preceded in death by her husband, Shelby Phillips; son, Alwyn Phillips; 6 grandchildren; parents, James Hardy Barr and Fannie (Jones) Barr; siblings, Murphy J. Barr, Woodard Barr, Truett Barr, Iris Curry, Edell Turner.

Funeral services were held at Ebenezer Baptist Church with Reverend Bill Staples and Reverend Mike Staples officiating.  Interment followed in the Ebenezer Cemetery under the direction of Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home of Jonesboro. Serving the family as pallbearers were grandsons, Glen Watkins, Scott Phillips, Tyler Phillips, Dana Labit, Mark Schexnaydre, Avery Schexnaydre, Travis Watkins.

Richard Vail, Sr. October 10, 1943 – July 31, 2020
Mr. Richard Vail, Sr., age 76 of Quitman, passed away Friday, July 31, 2020.  Mr. Vail grew up in Quitman and is a 1962 graduate of Quitman High School.  He worked as a welder for the paper mill and retired after 43 years of dedicated employment.  He will be fondly remembered for being an avid fisherman.  Mr. Vail could be found on the water fishing for bass and white perch.  He also enjoyed offshore fishing when the opportunity arose.  He was a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather that will be greatly missed by family and many, many friends.

Those left to cherish his memory is his loving wife, Connie Vail; daughter, Tina Vail Sutton (David); son, Richard Vail, Jr. (Melissa); stepsons, Jamie Beckham (Charity), Greg Beckham (Jeanette); 9 grandchildren; 2 great grandchildren; brothers, Cotton Vail of Lake Placid, FL, Kenneth Vail of Farmerville, LA, Robert C. Vail of Quitman, La; a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Lois (Kelley) Vail; brother, Donald R. Vail; sister, Lurline Vail Whitten.

Funeral services were held on Monday, August 3, 2020 in the Edmonds Chapel with Reverend Stuart Toms officiating.  Burial followed in Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery under the direction of Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home.

Katherine (Gray) Sones August 25, 1926 – July 29, 2020
Mrs. Katherine (Gray) Sones, age 93 of Jonesboro, joined hands with her Lord and Savior and went to glory Wednesday, July 29, 2020. She was fond of working puzzles and working in her yard, keeping the magnolia leaves and pine straw at bay. She was a member at Hodge Baptist Church and an active member of the Woodmen of the World Fraternal Society. Mrs. Katherine enjoyed her time best when it was spent with her beloved family and friends.
A graveside service took place in Gayla Traina Memorial Cemetery, near Jonesboro, LA, on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 with Reverend Norris Curry officiating. Burial followed under the direction of Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home of Jonesboro, LA. Serving the family as pallbearers were Doug Peoples, Wilford Foster, Bruce Whitman and Mike Brown.

She was preceded in death by her husband of 60 years, Edward Kenneth Sones; daughter, Lori Michelle Sones; grandson, Roger Lee Merrill; parents, Joseph Bass “JB” and Cora (Whitlock) Gray; siblings, Bobby Joe Gray, Fred Gray and Merlene, Dewey Gray and Dorothy, Mary Virginia Brinson and Wayne, Mildred Daniels and Danny, Lou Ann Allen and Lee.
Mrs. Katherine is survived by her son, Edward Lynn Sones (Katy) of Austin, TX; daughter, Patricia (Sones) Merrill (Carroll) of Ferriday, LA; grandchildren, Gabby Hudson of Tulsa, OK, Amanda Gaden (Matt) of Colorado Springs, CO, Dina (Merrill) Haines of Vidalia, LA, Jamie Lynn Merrill of Jackson, MS; great grandchildren,Daniel, Matthew, Luke Hudson of Tulsa, OK, Zoey and Willy Gaden of Colorado Springs, CO, Callon Daniel Haines of Vidalia, LA; a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Marilyn June Hulett July 15, 1927 – July 30, 2020
Marilyn June Hulett passed away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at 93 years of age, on July 30, 2020. Marilyn was born on July 15, 1927 in Beaumont, Texas, to Nettye and William Artis Mathews.  She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior while in elementary school in Beaumont, Texas.  She attended high school at Southpark High in Beaumont, where she was a majorette.  Following high school graduation she began working in the medical supply business.

In the summer of 1946 while working at at Taylor Surgical Supply she met Albert Dalton Hulett, Jr (A.D.) of DeRidder, Louisiana.  She continued working in this capacity until January 25, 1947 when she married A.D..  After their wedding they moved to Baton Rouge where A.D. was attending LSU on the GI Bill.  While at LSU they became the proud parents of June Marlane Hulett (born June 11, 1948) and Alan Dalton Hulett (born December 26, 1947).  A.D. graduated from LSU in May 1950 with a degree in Forestry and Civil Engineering.  Following A.D.’s graduation they moved to DeQuincy and then subsequently to Longleaf, Louisiana.  While in Longleaf they were blessed with a third child, Albert Gary Hulett (born October 28, 1952).  In 1960 they moved to Jonesboro where A.D. was employed by Continental Can Company.

Marilyn was the ultimate homemaker providing a stable and loving environment for her family.  She and A.D. provided Christian examples for their children and were faithful members of First Methodist Church in Jonesboro before joining Hodge Baptist Church in 1965.  She was involved in women’s ministries at church but her real passion was leading children’s choirs.

Marilyn loved sewing for herself and her family.  In particular she made some beautiful dresses for June for high school dances and proms.  She would later work at Lucille’s Fabric Shop in Jonesboro for several years.  She was also very active in the Jonesboro Garden Club and competed in numerous flowers shows.  She would eventually become a Master Judge of Flower Shows.

In 1968 Marilyn and A.D. moved to Ruston.  While in Ruston she worked for several hears at Lewis’ Department Store.  Always wanting to improve her skill set she took numerous business type courses at Louisiana Tech University.  She was subsequently employed at Departmental secretary for the Department of Botany and Bacteriology at Tech.  As departmental secretary she became acquainted with many students.  She was always willing to share some time, listen, encourage, support and even “Mother” the students a little.  She made many long lasting friends during her tenure at Tech that she kept up with for many years after their graduation.  She retire from Louisiana Tech University in the late 1990’s.

Prior to her retirements she and A.D. had moved to Caney Lake outside Jonesboro.  She remained active in garden clubs and was a sought after flower show judge.  You could catch heer most mornings sitting on her front porch overlooking Caney Lake, where she enjoyed viewing the wildlife and the flowers in her hard.  After A.D.’s passing in 2008 her health begin deteriorating necessitating her move to Baton Rouge in 2013 where she resided until her recent death.

Marilyn was pre-deceased by her husband of 61 years, A.D. Hulett, Jr. and her son, Albert Gary Hulett of Germantown, Tennessee.  She is survived by her daughter June Smith of Jacksonville, Florida and her son Alan Hulett (wife Debbie) of Baton Rouge.  She is also survived by five granddaughters, five grandsons, twelve great grandsons and six great granddaughters.

Her funeral service will be held at First Baptist Church of Jonesboro 10:00 am on August 5, 2020.  Preceding the service visitation will be held at First Baptist from 9:00-10:00 am.  Following the service interment will be at Beauregard Cemetery in DeRidder, Louisiana at 3:00 pm.