Summer League Starts to Wind Down

Leagues Results and Standings (As of August 3rd)

7 & 8 Girls

No changes in the standings as all games were washed away.

  1. Heyhunners 5-0-1
  2. Leach’s Line Drivers 4-2-1
  3. Johnny’ Pizza 2-4-0
  4. Jonesboro State Bank 2-4-0

7 & 8 Boys

No change for the 7 & 8 boys as Mother Nature ruled the week by raining out all games.

  1. SPS 4-2-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-2-2
  3. Traina’s Bakery 3-2-2
  4. Mercy Medical 1-5-1

9 & 10 Girls

Leach’s Turf Divas knocked off Extreme Nutrition in the only game played last week due to rain cancelling the other. The victory gave the unbeaten Divas a commanding two game lead with only three left to play. Pro Car and Vanguard look to break into the win column.  

  1. Leach’s Turf Divas 8-0-0
  2. Extreme Nutrition 5-2-1
  3. Pro Car Sparkle&Shine 0-5-2
  4. Vanguard Realty 0-6-1

9 & 10 Boys

There are still two games left to be played but Rhode’s Farm has won the league going away after dropping only one of their first nine games. Second place Southern Kustoms sits a distant four game back with Hodge Bank one and a half games further behind.

  1. Rhode’s Farm 7-1-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-5-1
  3. Hodge Bank 1-5-2

11-13 Girls

Catfish Inn continues to dominate with seven wins in a row. Next closest is Family Pharmacy sitting at four games back with Listle Real Estate two more behind.

  1. Catfish Inn 7-0-0
  2. Family Pharmacy 3-5-0
  3. Listle Real Estate 1-6-0

11–13 Boys

Jonesboro Glass takes the league title by one game over Academy Mortgage. Pardue Builders and Six Point rounded out the standings

  1. Jonesboro Glass 7-2-0
  2. Academy Mortgage 6-3-0
  3. Pardue Builders 3-5-1
  4. Six Point 1-7-1
We are having fun now! Taten Hall (on ground) and Sutton Vail (standing) enjoy 3-4 Wee Ball game

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