Student Athletes of the Week announced

The Student Athlete of the Week from Jonesboro-Hodge, Quitman and Weston High School for the week of January 16-22 has been announced. Through the year long program sponsored by the Jackson Parish Hospital each week, award winners that are chosen by select faculty and staff from the representative schools, are selected after demonstrating academic excellence and athletic achievement.

This week’s award winners are:

A’Brianna Paggett – Senior Cheerleader at JHHS
Gavyn Caskey – Freshman Basketball player at Quitman
Mary Catherine Hay – Senior Basketball player at Weston

Jackson Parish battle highlights Friday schedule

When Quitman takes the short jaunt across Jackson Parish to play Weston this Friday you can throw the records out the window. This is for more than who will gain their first victory in district 2B play or even who can stay within shouting distance of district favorite Simsboro. This is for bragging rights not only among the players of both schools but among families and friends as well.

That is not the case for Jonesboro-Hodge as a victory against North Caddo on Friday will put the Tigers in the cat bird seat in district 1-2A play while a loss throws the district standings into a jumble. Another tasty local matchup takes place on Thursday as Saline and JHHS square off in Jonesboro for a non-district tilt.

Short-handed Tigers win district opener over Lakeside

If Jonesboro-Hodge has proven to be adept at one thing this basketball season it is playing short-handed. Almost every game this season the Tigers have had starters missing for one reason or another. The district 1-2A opening 52-39 victory against Lakeside was no different, other than this time, it was the teams two leading scorers and top rebounder missing.

Even though the Tigers were playing a team that had lost all of their games this season someone would have to step up if JHHS was to come away with the victory. Coach Allen Tew had to look no further than to his son, Ajay, who fired in a game high 22 points. He also was able to draw on a suffocating defensive effort that didn’t allow Lakeside double digits in scoring in a quarter until the final frame after the contest was already decided.

Savantez Phillips and Cameron Leonard also came up big with 8 and 7 points each followed by 6 from Devontae Mozee and 5 from Javeon Andrews. Cameron Joe and Edward Beard made two each. With the victory JHHS improved to 9-4 and 1-0 in district play while Lakeside dropped to 0-17 and 0-1. 

JHHS (9-4, 0-1)1513101452
Lakeside (0-17, 0-1)9591639
(JHHS scoring) Tew 22, Phillips 8, Leonard 7, Mozee 6, Andrews 5, Joe 2, Beard 2 (LHS scoring) Curry 11, Musgraves 11, Riley 6, Johnson 6Chase 3, Adkins 2

Lady Wolverines win gut check over Choudrant, shorthanded boys fall

Brayli Stewart scored 18 and Cali Deal added 15 to lead Quitman to a hard fought 45-39 victory at Choudrant. The victory moved the Lady Wolverines to 19-8 overall and 1-0 in district 2B play. Choudrant falls to 14-10 and 0-1. 

It looked like Quitman, who dressed only eight players would waltz their way to victory after breaking out to 12-5 and 25 -13 leads after the first two quarters with Stewart and Deal scoring all but four of Quitman’s points. Behind 14 of Kylee Portilloz’s game high 21 points the Aggies knotted the game at 33 heading into the final frame. Summer Grillette and Stewart scored four each and both Bethany Leach and Emma Carter added two in the fourth and Quitman held Choudrant to just six points to pull out the victory. 

Quitman (19-8, 0-1)121381245
Choudrant (14-10, 0-1)5820639
(QHS scoring) Stewart 18, Deal 15, Grillette 6, Leach 4, Carter2 (CHS scoring) Portilloz 21, Smith 7, Thomas 7, Davis 2, Johnson 2

Quarantined Quitman falls to Choudrant

Quitman missed three of their main players. Lachain Thompson of home standing Choudrant didn’t miss hardly anything. The result was a 78-55 loss that kept the Aggies perfect at home this year and and saddled Quitman with a district 2B opening game loss. Thompson hit four three pointers and scored 16 points in the first quarter to give Choudrant a commanding 25-11 lead. The Wolverines never was able to catch up after Thompson made two more three’s in the second and scored a game high 28 points. Eli Walker scored 13 to lead Quitman who fell to 14-13 overall and 0-1 in district play. Choudrant improved to 15-7 and 1-0. 

Quitman (14-13, 0-1)1119131255
Choudrant (15-7, 1-0)2519181678

Simsboro sweeps Weston in district 2B opener

The last time the boys team from Simsboro lost a district contest was in 2013. Since that time, the perineal Class B juggernaut and defending Class B state champion has reeled off 60 consecutive victories coming into the 2022 district 2B season opener. 

You can now make it 61 straight after the Tigers whipped Weston by a painful 92-20 margin. Nick Maryland, buoyed by six, three pointers in the first quarter alone, led the way scoring more points in the first quarter (23) than Weston made all game.

If the game was considered nearly out of reach after Simsboro’s 31-7 first quarter lead, it was all but over after Simsboro outscored Weston 34-2 in the second for a 65-9 halftime advantage. With the loss Weston fell to 11-14 on the year and 0-1 in district play. Simsboro improves to 21-2 and 1-0. 

Simsboro (21-2, 1-0)3134171092
Weston (11-14, 0-1)728320

Second half swoon does in Lady Wolves

At one point early in the game Weston was on top of Simsboro 22-11. Then Briley Peterson and Jessica Newton got in foul trouble. The result was Simsboro dominated the paint in the second half to come back and steal a 52-46 victory. 

Amazingly Weston only allowed to Simsboro players to score all night but Anna Dean and Ikea Brown pumped in 20 and 32 points most coming in the second half that saw Simsboro rally from a 23-19 halfitme deficitand outscore Weston by ten in the second half. Lainee Trosclair, Newton and Emma Kate McBride all scored 10 for the Lady Wolves. Weston fell to 15-9 and 0-1 in district while Simsboro improved to 8-14 and 1-0 in 2B competition. 


Simsboro (8-14, 1-0)613161752
Weston (15-9, 0-1)15891446

Week Three Schedule of the JPRD Youth Basketball League

Games to be played at J-H Middle School Gymnasium 

9:00 BULLS vs CLIPPERS (Age 5&6 B&G)
9:45 LAKERS vs WARRIORS (Age 5&6 B&G) 
10:30 PELICANS vs BUCKS (Age 5&6 B&G)
11:15 SPURS vs WARRIORS (Age 5&6 B&G)
12:00 STARS vs MERCURY (Age 7 & 8 G)
12:45 BLAZERS vs THUNDER (Age 7&8 B)
1:30 CELTICS vs KINGS (Age 7&8 B)
2:15 MAGIC vs HAWKS (Age 7&8 B)

Games to be played at JHHS Girls Gymnasium

9:00 SKY vs SPARKS (Age 9-10 G)
9:45 STORM vs FEVER (Age 9-10 G)
10:30 MYSTIC vs FEVER (Age 9-10 G)
11:15 THUNDER vs KINGS (Age 9-10 B)  
12:00 GRIZZLIES vs ROCKETS (Age 9-10 B)
12:45 CELTICS vs RAPTORS (Age 9-10 B) 
1:30 LYNX vs WINGS (Age 11-12 G)

Games to be played at JHHS Boys Gymnasium

9:00 BULLS vs MAVERICKS (11&12 B)
9:45 LAKERS vs BUCKS (11&12 B)
10:30 BULLS vs SUNS (11&12 B)
11:15 HORNETS vs SPURS (11&12 B)
12:00 LYNX vs SUN (11&12 G)
12:45 DREAM vs LIBERTY (11&12 G)
1:30 CELTICS vs HEAT (13&14 B)
2:15 BLAZERS vs MAGIC (13&14 B)

Confessions of a ‘Jeopardy’ deadbeat

“And the answer is: What do you call a person who has no chance of correctly answering more than three questions, tops, on any single episode of Jeopardy!?”

“What is a Jeopardy! Deadbeat?”

“Correct! The judges would have also taken ‘What is Most any Normal Person?’”

No one is in jeopardy of me beating them on Jeopardy!, four decades old and the most-watched TV game show of all-time. The questions — or answers, if you prefer — are cast-iron tough. Harder than an acre of ash.

There is every reason to watch Jeopardy! and one big reason not to. What I hear most is, “It makes me feel stupid.” Legit response. Makes me feel more stupid. I passed feeling stupid a long time ago.

But … to those using that excuse, we offer this:

Consider an attitude adjustment. I know going in I’m not the most mature apple on the tree, so when I watch, it’s with low expectations. Extremely low. Barrel-bottom low. Again, me and millions of other stupid people have made it the most popular game show ever.

That anyone can ever actually win a match, even one, is what makes the current goings-on all that more confounding. The show’s reigning champ isn’t just beating people, she’s destroying them. Sherman through Georgia. She’s the game show equivalent of football’s 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

A historic champ is Amy Schneider, a 41-year-old engineering manager from Oakland, Calif., who after Monday’s just-another-day-at-the-office rout had won 39 consecutive matches and moved into second place all-time and all by her lonesome.

She’d also pocketed $1,319,800. Hello.

She’s still way behind all-time champ Ken Jennings and his 74 straight wins. If she were chasing Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak, she’d be around 30. Lot of pitchers left to face.

That said, Schneider’s got game. Monday alone, she answered questions from the categories of, among others, Government Agencies, Bodies of Water, The Crusades, Rhythm & Blues, Roman Life & Culture — quite the varied array.

As usual, she won by $10,000 — and that was after losing $25,000 in Final Jeopardy. LOST 25 large and still won by 10.

Some of Monday’s answers/questions, with the correct response in parentheses. Good luck:

“Moses’ mom put him in an ark made of this plant?” Me: “Reeds!” (Bulrush.) Dang! I KNEW I had that one…

“The mission of BLM, short for this, is ‘to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands.’” Me: “What is the Big Land Machine?” (Bureau of Land Management)

“Croatia’s border rivers, the Sava & Drava, are both tributaries of this one.” Me: “Uh ….” (The Gulf of Sidra)

“Pope Eugenius III launched the Second Crusade in 1145 with ‘Quantum Praedecessores,’ one of these documents named for its seal.” Me: “No WAY there was a whole other Crusade after the first one. No livin’ WAY!” (The Papal Bull.)

My guess would have been The Mama Bull. So close…

The show airs 4:30 weekdays on ABC. Sometimes I’ll record it and, if I’ve had a good day, I’ll watch maybe 10 minutes, just to be humbled, just to remind myself that while a contestant is winning on Jeopardy! each weekday, I barely know the difference between the Gulf of Sidra and the Gulf gas station down on the corner.

Always felt I had a fightin’-man’s chance back in the day with Match Game. The Price is Right. Even Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. But Jeopardy! is a different animal. It’s always the windshield; I’m always the bug.

Contact Teddy at


Victoria Leonard wins J-HMS Spelling Bee Championship

On Friday, January 21, 2022, Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School held its First Annual Spelling Bee. The spelling bee consisted of participants grades 6-8 interested in advancing their vocabulary. On behalf of J-HMS, we would like to send a special congratulations to our 2021-2022 Spelling Bee Champion, Miss Victoria Leonard (6th Grade). She will go on to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 5th at Louisiana State University-Shreveport.

We would also like to recognize the following students who competed: JoAnn Walker (6), JaQuan Qualls (6), Kailee Jacobs (7), Derrimie Malone (7), Madison Turner (7), Noah Murphy (7), Ciara Gray (8), John Michael Self (8), Amilyah Wyatt (8), Jaidon Venzant (8), Ma’Riyah Jones (8), Kameion Rogers (8), and Heavenly Candler (8).

“We know the benefits of spelling bees extend beyond language, today, each student demonstrated a new level of self-confidence, communication, and public speaking skills, and for that, we are beyond proud of them” – Danielle Copeland, Principal.

Saline celebrates Homecoming with district 1B opening wins over Dodson

The script was pretty much the same as the boys and girls hoop teams from Saline High School honored 2022 Homecoming Queen, Georgia Robinson and King, Ethan Roberts by blasting Dodson in the district 1B opener for both teams. 

In the girls game, Robinson made sure nothing was going to spoil her special night as she scored 16 of her game high 22 points in the first half to stake Saline to a commanding 46-13 lead in the 65-27 victory. The win, which broke a six-game losing streak, improved the Lady Bobcats record to 7-18 overall and 1-0 in the district standings. The Gray twins, Alaya and Alana also pitched in with their best combined effort of the year by scoring 16 and 13 points apiece. For Dodson the streak of futility that they have endured all season reached 22 straight games without a victory. Beauboeuf led Dodson with 14 points. 

The boys also put the game away early as they exploded for a season best 37 points in the first quarter in the 78-26 win. The 52-point margin of victory was by far the best of the year as was the 13 players that tallied in the contest. Titus Jackson, who finished with a game high 21 points, made four three pointers in the first quarter to pace the early deluge. Stephen Brown also reached double figures with 11 to help Saline improve to 12-15 overall and an early perch in the catbird seat of district play. Duff, Ingram and Box scored eight each for Dodson who dressed out only six players and fell to 2-22 on the year.

King Ethan Roberts, Queen Goergia Robinson

Quitman High Softball Schedule released

The sequel of the Quitman High Softball team’s search for a state title will soon begin. On Saturday, January 29th, last year’s Class B state semifinalist’s open the 2022 season with a scrimmage at Ruston Parks and Recreation where they will take on a pair of Class 5A teams in Ruston and West Monroe. 

One week later the Lady Wolverines will host Class 5A Airline and Class 2A Winnfield in another set of scrimmages.

Talk about hitting the ground running. 

The regular season will begin on February 22nd when Saline comes to visit followed by a trip to Beekman-Charter two days later. 

Then the fun really begins.

From February 25th-28th, the Lady Wolverines will participate in the Polar Bear Classic on the campus of the University of Louisiana-Monroe, which is the most elite softball tourney in northeast Louisiana. One of the teams that QHS will play will be defending Class 5A state champion Barbe.

March brings contests against Ruston, Evangel, Northwood (Shreveport) and North Webster, as well as, district 2B contests against Weston, Choudrant and Simsboro. Also included are the Grant, Tioga, Cedar Creek and Quitman Tournaments. In April Quitman will play Jena, Winnfield, Calvin, Grant and Castor and compete in the always competitive Buckeye Tourney. 

Library asking for donations of wooden picture frames for children’s craft project

Got any old 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″ wooden frames lying about? The Jackson Parish Library is requesting that you gather them up and bring them to either the Jonesboro or Chatham branches for use in a children’s craft project that will take place in February. Donations are asked to be received by Tuesday, February 1sr.wooden frame

Scheduled Branch Activities for Wednesday, January 26th – Friday, January 28th

(9:00am) Check Out Fitness – Chatham Branch
(9:00am -12:00pm) Medicare Advising Session with Amanda Turner – Jonesboro Branch
(9:00am – 5:00pm) Disaster Care Management Advisor – Jonesboro Branch
(10:00am – 11:00am) Toddler Storytime – Jonesboro Branch

(4:00pm) Art Class – Jonesboro Branch
(4:30pm) Winnie the Pooh Play-Grow-Read Program – Chatham Branch

(9:00am – 5:00pm) Disaster Care Management Advisor – Jonesboro Branch


8:00 -12:00 at Weston High School
1:15 -1:45 at Pearrie Park 
1:55 – 2:15 at Caney Creek

8:00 – 10:00 at J-H Middle School


Lily Garrett wins Gatorade cross country player of the year in Louisiana

It is every parent’s hope and dream that their children end up accomplishing more than they did. For some children that is not very hard to do but when your father is a local sports legend and in the Hall of Fame and your mother was also an accomplished track star to do better in athletic competition than them would seem to be hard hill to climb.

That is unless the child is adept at climbing hills. You can add running back down them and covering long distances on often very uneven terrain and doing all of this better than any other competitor in the entire state. 

Lily Garrett, who preps at Ruston High but has roots in Jackson Parish, was the LHSAA Class 5A state champion at the meet in Natchitoches with a time of 18:08.30 over the 5K course. It was the sixth fastest time in history over the Natchitoches course. 

As result the 5’6″ junior has been named the Gatorade Louisiana Girls Cross Country Player of the Year. 

“I’m very excited to win the Gatorade POY. It has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice,” Garrett told Gannett Louisiana. “My goal is never to win awards, but it sure is nice when you’re recognized with one, especially of this caliber.”

The Gatorade award, which recognizes both athletic and academic achievement makes Garrett a finalist for the national award to be announced in February. The daughter of JHHS legend Bob Garrett and wife Karen is the perfect representative as she has a personal best of 17:27.31, which she set at the 2021 5A Region I meet and maintains a 3.22 grade point average in college prep courses.

“Lily is a true testament to if you put in the necessary work, good things will happen,” Ruston track coach Allen Whitacker said. “I’m excited for her and her family to receive such an honor.”



Bill Breaks a Vow

Bill grew up on a dairy farm on a country road outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. His father and his uncle Clyde inherited a 300-acre dairy farm from Bill’s grandfather. It was a true family business. Bill’s father handled the business affairs. Bill’s mother did the bookkeeping at the kitchen table. Uncle Clyde tended to the milk-processing house. From the time he could walk, Bill helped tend the large garden where they grew corn, wheat, rye, barley, and a wide variety of vegetables. He followed behind the plow mule and spread fertilizer after the seeds had been sown in their rows.

As soon as Bill was strong enough – not old enough – he was awakened at 2:30 a.m. to begin working on the farm with the rest of the men in the family. Bill reminisced that “when that Big Ben alarm clock went off at two-thirty in the morning, I wanted to slam it to the floor and burrow back under the covers.” He understood that hard work was expected and necessary. He also realized that there would be no breakfast until after his chores were finished so he rushed from the bed and to his work.

Bill milked twenty cows, a task which usually took about two hours to complete. Then, he cleaned the fresh cow manure from the barn with a shovel, helped the other hands bring in fresh hay for the cows, helped refill the feed troughs, helped transport the 5-gallon milk cans to the frigid spring to keep them ice cold, and, once he had completed his chores, finally sat down to a mouth-watering country breakfast which consisted of grits and gravy, fresh eggs, ham or bacon, and homemade biscuits. All of this Bill did every morning before school. Bill repeated his chores each day after school.

Bill said that “After all my heavy labor in the fresh air at daybreak, followed by Mother’s good food, I was ready for almost anything—except school.” By the time he got to school, he was usually tired. He stayed awake by sheer willpower alone. Bill assumed that he would one day inherit an interest in the dairy farm, which suited him just fine.

Bill’s mother always encouraged him to read, which Bill preferred to his other school work. He read just about everything he could get his hands on including his favorite, the Tarzan book series. On a memorable visit to his aunt’s home, she, knowing that he enjoyed reading, told him to spend some time reading the Bible. Within about ten minutes Bill returned and proudly boasted that he had read a whole book in the Bible. She praised him for his quick reading. Unbeknownst to her, Bill had located the Epistle of Jude, which was the shortest book in the New Testament. It consisted of a single page.

The family’s dairy farm had several hired hands and Bill enjoyed swapping stories with them while they worked. One of the hired hands who Bill particularly liked to work alongside was a rough but good-natured character named Pedro. Pedro would often share stories with Bill about his erotic experiences with women. Even though Bill listened intently to every syllable, he was sure the stories were embellished. In high school, Bill had multiple opportunities to have his own exotic experiences with women, but he vowed to remain pure until marriage.

In addition to his tall tales of sexual escapades, Pedro took it upon himself to teach Bill to chew tobacco. One day Bill’s father caught him with a chaw of tobacco in his cheek. Pedro was fired immediately and Bill received a thrashing he would never forget. Bill vowed to never chew tobacco again. Bill’s father wondered what else Pedro had been teaching Bill.

One day, just after Prohibition had been repealed, Bill’s father brought home some beer. Bill’s father was a teetotaler, so him bringing home beer was totally out of character. He called Bill, then about 15-years old, and his sister, Catherine, two years younger, into the kitchen and ordered each of them to drink a full bottle of beer. They gagged, spat, and winced, but finally finished both bottles. “When any of your friends try to get you to drink alcohol, just tell them you’ve already tasted it and you don’t like it,” his father told him. “That’s all the reason you need to give.” Bill vowed not to drink alcohol again.

Bill came home from school one day and his mother sensed something was wrong. Bill explained that he was to portray Uncle Sam in a pageant at his school. He and his mother rehearsed the speech until he was unable to get it wrong. On the day of the pageant, his mother was a nervous wreck. Bill’s costume included the long beard, hat, and tailcoat commonly associated with Uncle Sam. His knees shook and his hands perspired as he flawlessly recited his speech. He hated the uncomfortable feeling and vowed to himself that he would never become a public speaker. Of all of the vows he had made to himself through the years, this was the vow he was destined to break. You see, Bill became a prominent public speaker. From the 1940s until his death in 2018, Bill was known as one of the best public speakers in the world. Bill spoke in front of live audiences totaling approximately 210 million people in more than 185 countries. He became a spiritual advisor to every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. He was a friend of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family who frequently invited him to speak at special events. In breaking a vow to himself, Bill made another vow. Bill, the man who vowed not to become a public speaker, vowed to spread the Gospel and became an evangelist. You know him as Billy Graham.

QHS & WHS Basketball pictorial of games played on Jan. 18th and 21st

Both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams at Quitman and Weston High School won their games played on January 18th and 21st top enter into district play on a positive note.

Against Saline on January 18th, the Quitman boys and girls won by 72-66 and 64-53 scores. On January 21st the boys beat FCCS 66-42 and the girls won 56-20. Weston was also successful in both of the games against Castor on January 18th by 69-59 and 58-49 margins.

Thanks to Thomas Barker and Kristie Tolar (Sasse Lynn Shenanigans), who graciously submitted photos, the Jackson Parish Journal is pleased to present a pictorial of the action from those games.

Quitman vs Saline (boys)

Quitman vs Saline (girls)

Weston vs Castor (Boys)

Weston vs Castor (Girls)

Quitman vs FCCS (Boys)

Quitman vs FCCS (Girls)