Public Hearing on Sales Tax Proposition draws large crowd

The final of two Public Hearings in regard to the proposed 1% increase in the sales tax that parish voters will either choose to adopt or turn down on April 24th was held prior to the regular monthly meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury this past Monday evening. A large crowd turned out to hear and voice their opinions on the proposition that reads:

Shall the Parish of Jackson, State of Louisiana (the “Parish”), be authorized to levy and collect and adopt an ordinance providing for such levy and collection, a tax of one percent (1%) (the “Tax”) (an estimated $1,850,000 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) upon the sale at retail, the use, the lease or rental, the consumption, and the storage for use or consumption, of tangible personal property and on sales of services in the Parish, all as defined by law, for a period of ten (10) years from July 1, 2021, with the proceeds of the Tax (after paying the reasonable and necessary expenses of collecting and administering the Tax), to be dedicated and used for the purpose of waste management, jail and courthouse expansion, road construction and maintenance, and to pay any debt service requirements on bonds issued for such purpose, or any part thereof?

Below is a summary of what was said by those who took the podium to give their opinion.

Gayle Hobson – Suggested that instead of increasing the Sales Tax the Police Jury should take the surplus money the Library has or the reserved funds set aside for the Expo Pavillion and Statutory Reserve. 

Sarah Dark – Understood that the Solid Waste Department needs more funding by wanted the Police Jury to pursue other ways to raise the needed money. Absolutely against the tax. As an example of what could be done stated that she had requested records from Lincoln Parish and learned that they only have eight employees and charged fees for dumping and waste management. 

Floyd Knox (Jackson Parish Library Director) – Wanted clarification on what was discussed at the previous hearing in regard to the Library. Also wanted to know where the Police Jury stood on the Library’s request for emancipation.

Carol Massey (Jackson Parish Library Board President) – Echoed Knox’s sentiments about the Library’s funds being discussed at prior Public Hearing as well informing the Police Jury members about a 10 year capital project plans and plans to remodel the Jonesboro Branch. 

Linda Devine – Stated she is against the sales tax and believes it was brought up a the wrong time. Clarified that she thought a good compromise would using the money the Police Jury already has just in accounts that can’t be accessed.

What you need to know about the upcoming Sales Tax Election

NOTE – This is the ninth part of a series published exclusively in the Jackson Parish Journal regarding the upcoming sales tax election. Over the next several weeks we will look at among other things: what a sales tax represents, how the tax is derived, why parish officials feel that an increase is needed, where the additional funds will be applied and when the new tax rate, if approved, will take effect. Today – Changes in revenues/expenses in last five years!

Unlike an election where the voting public chooses one candidate over another because they believe the platform and beliefs that a candidate personifies through speeches and campaign promises, the upcoming choice voters have to make is whether or not the additional money asked for is needed. The best way to project what is needed for the future is to revisit the past. Just how much money does the Solid Waste Department have to deal with today? How much did this department have five years ago? Below is a factual breakdown in dollars of the increases and decreases in revenues and expenses from 2015 and the budget numbers that are for 2021.

Revenues – Solid Waste Fund20152021Difference
Sales Tax Receipts1,302,3851,100,000 (202,285)
Commercial Collection Fees127,225200,000 72,775
Dumping Fees Charged10,76210,000 (762)
Interest9,4343,000 (6,434)
Recycling metal/plastics/paper/etc.21,75916,000 (5,759)
Recycled wood products15,6058,500 (7,105)
Difference in revenue (149,570)
Expenses – Solid Waste Fund20152021Difference
Personnel738,009944,168 206,159
Facility29,38036,177 6,797
Fleet Management193,147236,811 43,664
Building/Infrastructure repair017,552 17,552
Equipment79,554133,929 54,375
General Operating Expenses109,207120,000 10,793
Outside Services246,331336,300 89,969
Transfers out022,000 22,000
Difference in expenses 451,309

The difference in how much money is being brought in is $149,570.00 less than five years ago while the amount of expenses have skyrocketed to $451,309.00. That means the total change in money that the Solid Waste Department has to deal with today is $600,879.00 less than five years ago. The question that has to be considered is what will these amounts look like five years from now? Ten years from now? If the past five years is any indication than it can be expected for revenues to continue to fall while expenses continue to increase. 

Former Weston star Lane Hartley leaves lasting legacy

“The journey that leads us to our dreams is what helps bring the change in us” – Oliver Goldsmith

When asked to describe himself in a recent interview, former Weston star and Louisiana Tech basketball player, Lane Hartley, said “I’m just a regular guy.” Maybe so. But his story of how he went from being a player on a rural, Class B team to a member of the third place winning team of the National Invitational Tournament (NIT), is far from ordinary.

Hartley’s basketball career journey is one of the most inspiring and motivational recounts you would ever want to learn. It is a true reflection of what can be achieved through desire, dedication, hard work, perseverance and just plain, old fashioned, having belief in yourself. 

His former high school coach, Ryan Bond, echoed those sentiments when asked to remember Hartley, who while at Weston from 2012-16, was a four time All-District selection, two time district MVP and two time All State selection.harlteyweston

“Lane was a tremendous player for me. Very coachable and a team first guy,” said Bond. “He was one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Put in the extra time when no one made him. I am extremely proud of him for what he has accomplished. He earned it all by himself and is a winner all the way.”

After having enjoying the success of his talents in high school, Hartley desired to continue his basketball career. There was a problem though. His phone wasn’t ringing as no college coaches were calling. Undaunted, Hartley sent tapes and wrote letters to programs all over the south in hopes that someone would give the 6’1″, 170 pound guard a chance. 

Finally he got a response from Kansas City Community College who agreed to let him come up and tryout. Hartley made the most of the opportunity and by the time the season began he had earned himself a spot on the starting five. He finished the year averaging a modest 8.5 points per game. It wasn’t the kind of statistics that would make someone take notice but the change in his physique was. 

“I knew as soon as I got there I had to get stronger,” reflected Hartley. “So I started pounding the weights and changed my diet.”

Over the summer he spoke with Bossier Parish Community College head coach Chris Lovell, who agreed to sign him but told him he would have to redshirt a year. It was a tough time for Hartley. For the first time in his life he wasn’t able to play with his team. He also suffered physical problems such as a broken nose and a foot injury. When he finally got a chance to play he only averaged 2.6 points per game. Through it all he kept working though, using his time to continue to work on his conditioning and basically living in the weight room. 

“Those were trying times for sure,” said Hartley. “I never lost my hope of being able to keep playing though and just kept working.”

As fate would have it, Louisiana Tech head basketball coach Eric Konkol, came to BPCC to look at one of Hartley’s teammates. By the time the practice session was over it was the local boy who would be coming back with him. His dream of playing for a Division One program had become a reality.

harltey“Coach Konkol approached me after practice and said he was impressed with the way I played hard and offered me a chance to walk on,” recalled Hartley. “It was what I had dreamed of and to be able to play at Tech made it even better.”

Almost like a movie script isn’t it? You might now expect to see this is where Hartley became a star but that isn’t the case, at least not on the court.  He only saw action in ten or so games both years while on the Tech team, most of the time in mop up roles. 

Where he was a star though was in the locker room and weight room. Hartley brought an energy rarely seen and was a vocal leader, not afraid to hold his teammates accountable. During the “dog days” of offseason conditioning he led by example and held his teammates accountable. His contribution the last two years was not only noticed but greatly appreciated by his coach.

“Lane Hartley made a significant impact on our program the past two seasons. He has a passion for Louisiana Tech, competes every day, and has a team first mentality,” said Konkol. “We could always count on him to bring his best everyday and his energy was contagious throughout the program. We are going to miss him and can’t wait to follow his many future accomplishments.”

The folks back home in Jackson Parish can’t either. Judging by the legacy he leaves of continually striving to be the best he can, there is no doubt that he will be tremendously successful in whatever he chooses to do. 

Early voting on Sales Tax Election ends Saturday, April 17th

Early voting that began on Saturday, April 10th for the upcoming Sales Tax election in Jackson Parish will end at 6:00pm on Saturday, April 17th. To cast your early ballot go to the Jackson Parish Courthouse from the hours of 8:30am – 6:00pm. Voters in line by 6:00 P.M. each day of the early voting period will be allowed to vote. The general election date is Saturday, April 24th. 

To register and vote in Louisiana you must:

be a U.S. citizen;
be at least 16 years old, but must be 18 years old prior to the next election to be eligible to vote;
reside in the parish in which you seek to register and vote;
not be under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony for at least five years; and
not be under a judgement of full interdiction for mental incompetence or partial interdiction with suspension of voting rights.


“Young Guns” lead Quitman to victory over top ranked, Class 3A softball team

How is it that a group of young ladies, several who are not even in high school yet, is able to continually take down many of the best high school softball teams in the state? It just simply doesn’t make sports sense. Softball has almost always been a sport where the best teams composed of upperclassmen who have trained together for years. Yet here is Quitman in 2021 winning game after game against highly ranked competition from classifications much larger than their Class B standing. Hopefully local enthusiasts have had a chance to witness their rare achievements as this kind of phenomena doesn’t take place very often. 

The 6-5 victory over Class 3A’s top ranked team, Grant High, is a perfect example of how these so young but so talented young ladies have taken the state softball world by storm. First of all there was Maggie Guyotte, who has to be one of the only 7th graders in the state playing varsity ball, hitting two home runs and driving in four. maggiekarleyThey were clutch shots too. The first gave Quitman a 2-0 lead and the second came with two outs and tied the game in the final frame that allowed Quitman to win in nine innings. How did they win? It came from the bat of an 8th grader, Karley Huckaby, who hit her second homerun of the season. Then there was another 8th grader Cali Deal, who struck out 12 in a yeoman like 165 pitch performance over nine innings to raise her record to 12-5 on the year, more wins individually than the rest of the softball teams in Jackson Parish have combined. Not to be forgotten was the stolen base and two runs scored by Freshman Madison Chaplin that put her in the rare 50-30 club with a nationally ranked 52 runs scored on the year and 31 stolen bases. At least she is in high school, although just barely.  Sophomore Skylar Hall also contributed a double. The victory was the fourth straight over a team that was ranked in the top ten of their classification at the time all being from Class 2A and above and the 20th of the year against teams with a winning record. 

Quitman (24-7)002010201683
Grant (19-5)000041000591

WP – Deal 12-5, LP – n/a
2B – Hall
HR – Guyotte 2, Huckaby
RBI -Guyotte 4, Chaplin, Huckaby
SB – Chaplin, Vail

Late Lady Wolves rally falls short against top ranked Calvin

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…….Weston could have secured one of their best wins of the season if they would have scored a runner on second with one out in the top of the seventh inning in a game that they should have won over Calvin who is ranked #1 in Class C. The Lady Wolves started the contest with a bang, actually two big bangs as Emma Kate McBride and Jacie Leonard smashed homers to give Weston a 6-0 lead. It was 10-5 after two thanks to a Mallory Tolar single that plated Barmore and McBride followed by a Macie Hall two run blast.emmakatemcbride The lead a half an innings as Calvin parlayed three hit batters, two errors and two hits into a 12-10 lead. Back came Weston to score three when Madison Coody and McBride single. Both scored when Taylor Chatham’s ball up the middle was ruled an error. Tolar doubled and Hall knocked in the third of her four runs of the game with a single. It was then Calvin’s turn again to take the lead with two in the fourth and two in the fifth to go up 16-13 setting up the fateful last innning. Back to back to back doubles by McBride, who reached base in all five at bats and scored four runs, Chatham and Tolar who went 3/4 and 4/5 respectively brought Weston to the final one run deficit. Weston outhit Calvin 18-8 but hurt themselves with six errors compared to four for the Lady Cougars. The contest marked the first time all season Weston cracked three home runs in a game and also hit three doubles in a row. 

Calvin (14-10)05722001684
Weston (8-16)643000215186

WP – n/a, LP – Aldy
2B – Tolar 2, Chatham, McBride
HR – Hall, Ledford, McBride
RBI – Hall 4, Ledford 3, Tolar 3, McBride 2, Chatham
SB – Emma Kate McBride

#1 Choudrant tops Weston in battle of 2B unbeatens

Four runs in the fourth and two in the fifth by Choudrant broke open a 1-0 contest and saddle Weston with their first district 2B loss of the season and snap a season best five game winnings streak. The only run scored by Weston came in the top of the seventh when Braden Theriot got hit by a pitch and scored on Tait Henderson’s double. Bryce Zehr went 3/3 and Davis Tolar got a hit.

Choudrant (24-3, 3-0)0010420791
Weston (10-5, 2-1)0000001153

WP – n/a, LP – Shirley
2B – Henderson
RBI – Henderson
SB – Henderson, Shirley

Jackson Parish Journal celebrates one year of publication

This past week the Jackson Parish Journal (JPJ) , which is the online digital newspaper dedicated to provide the most current news, sports and information involving Jackson Parish, celebrated it’s first year of publication.

On April 6th, 2020 the first edition was published. A grand total of 64 people was shown to have viewed it. From that modest start the JPJ has grown in one year into a journal that is now published twice a week (Wednesday/Sunday) and has a following of roughly 10,000 viewers per month. Access is made through Facebook, Google or Twitter and if desired you can receive directly by email, all at no cost to viewers. 

“I am very thankful to those who are viewing the paper each week as well as the business community who has shown their support by advertising,” said Editor/Publisher Ben Ledbetter. “It is the continued goal of the staff to provide the most current and timely news, sports and information involving Jackson Parish as possible.” 

The JPJ is part of the Journal Services, Inc. family, that now includes digital newspapers in Natchitoches, Winn, Bienville, Lincoln, Red River and Sabine parishes. To access the JPJ simply go to the Jackson Parish Journal Facebook page or google: Jackson Parish Journal. To have each publication directly emailed directly to you google up the Jackson Parish Journal and click on the three little lines on the left side of the page. From there click on JOIN and enter your email. 

Dawgs 13u travel ball team takes second in Battle on the Red tourney in Natchitoches

After winning four straight games the Jackson Parish Dawgs 13u “travel ball” team fell in the finals of the “Battle on the Red” held in Natchitoches over the past weekend to the team they beat in the tourney opener. It was simply a matter of running out of gas in their third game of the day and fifth in two days that did the Dawgs in the 13-3 loss to BC Elite. 

The Dawgs opened the tourney on Saturday by besting BC Elite 5-3 then followed that up with a 14-6 victory over Twin City Sox. Another offensive outburst on Sunday led to a 12 -4 victory over the Louisiana Knights CENLA 13u team. A 5-4 victory over Team Louisiana North followed a few hours later setting up the finals rematch. 

JP Dawgs 5 BC Elite 3: Player of the game, Hudson Pullig drove in Cole Tolar and Maddox Duck with his second hit in as many innings and later scored a run to put the finishing touches on a four run rally in the top of the fifth inning to lift the Dawgs to victory. Facing a 2-1 deficit, Jase Shirly got things started by coaxing his second walk of the game and went to second on a passed ball. Duck plated him with a base hit and went to second when Tolar got hit by a pitch. A masterful double steal put both in position to score on Pullig’s clutch hit up the middle who added the final run after stealing two bases and crossing home on an error. 

BC Elite00201331

WP – West, LP – n/a
RBI – Pullig 2, Duck
SB – Pullig 2, Blundell, Duck, Tolar

JP Dawgs 14 Twin City Sox 6: The Dawgs took advantage of 11 free passes and five errors to produce their largest output of runs in the tourney. Duck, Pullig, Kaleb Negretto and Shirley all received walks, Ty Henderson reached on an error and Player of the Game, Colten Blundell along with Tolar got a hit to pace the Dawgs to a 6-0 lead after after one inning of play. The lead went to 11-1 after two innings without the benefit of a hit as Pullig, Blundell, Kase West, Henderson, Shirley and Levi Joyner all got free passes and both Duck and Negrotto reached on errors. After the TC Sox scored five in the top of the third, Tolar got plunked and Pullig coaxed his third walk of the game. Both scored their second and third runs of the game respectively when Blundell’s drive to center was ruled a three base error. He would also score his third run a couple of pitches later on a passed ball when the allotted time limit expired ending the game. The Dawgs not only walked but also ran their way to victory as six players stole a total of 11 bases led by three from Negrotto and two each by Henderson, Shirley and Tolar. 

Twin City Sox015635
JP Dawgs6531421

WP – Tolar , LP – n/a
RBI – Tolar, West
SB – Negrotto 3, Henderson 2, Shirley 2, Tolar 2, Duck, Pullig

Hudson Pullig (l), Colton Blundell (r)

JP Dawgs 12 Louisiana Knights CENLA 4: – Timing is everything. With the scored tied 4-4 the Dawgs scored eight runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to win going away. Maddox Duck, Cole Tolar and Hudson Pullig all got two hits apiece while Colton Blundell and Trey Trosclair scored two each. Kaleb Negrotto and Tolar hit triples and as a team the Dawgs stole eleven bases led by Trosclair swiping three. Kace West, who was named Player of the Game limited LK CENLA to just two hits and one run in four innings of relief. 

LK CENLA30001446
JP Dawgs0121812101

WP – West, LP – Campbell
3B – Negrotto, Tolar
RBI – Pullig 2, Tolar 2, Trosclair, Henderson, Joyner, Negrotto, West
SB – Trosclair 3, Duck 2, Henderson 2, Pullig, Shirley, Tolar, West

JP Dawgs 4 Team Louisiana 4: Maddox Duck, Cole Tolar and Kace West walked, Hudson Pullig reached on an error and Colton Blundell got a hit as the Dawgs scored three in the first inning and then held on for the one run win. Kaleb Negrotto singled and scored on Ty Henderson’s groundout for a run in the second and Duck walked and scored after back to back hits by Hudson Pullig and Colton Blundell for the difference maker in the third inning. Once again the Dawgs ran wild with eleven stolen bases led by three apiece by Blundell and Duck and two from Tolar. 

Louisiana North Gold0121441
JP Dawgs3110552

WP – Tolar, LP – Waller
RBI – Blundell 2, Henderson
SB – Blundell 3, Duck 3, Tolar 2, Negrotto, Pullig, West

BC Elite 13 JP Dawgs 3: BC Elite scored five in the second to break a 1-1 tie and never looked back as the Dawgs could manage only three hits.  An uncharacteristic four errors and eight walks by four Dawg hurlers proved to be to much to overcome. The loss dropped the Dawgs season record to 8-4 and snapped their seven game winning streak. 

BC Elite150341390
JP Dawgs10011334

WP – n/a, LP – Blundell
RBI – Pullig, Trosclair
SB – Duck, Tolar, Trosclair, West

Cowans anchors UL’s 4×100 relay to bronze at Battle on the Bayou

The most decorated female athlete in Jonesboro-Hodge High School history is fast on her way to making a name for herself at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette.  After a freshmen season where she competed in sprints and jumps, Kaprecia “Shy” Cowans has expanded her role on the track team this spring to include running relays which has brought impressive results. 

This was demonstrated on April 3rd at the prestigious LSU Invitational “Battle on the Bayou” held at the Bernie Moore Stadium, where during her high school career she was an eight time state champion. Running the anchor leg on the University of Louisiana’s 4×100 relay team she sprinted to a third place finish coming in behind only the vaunted LSU squad and a foursome of LSU Olympians. 

During her two year career at U of L, “Shy” has become the most versatile member of the program having competed in the triple jump, long jump, 100 and 200 meters and now on the 4×100 relay team. 

The vivacious daughter of Bi’Ketria’ Brown and Xavier Cowans is the JHHS school record holder in the 100 meters (12.19), 200 meters (24.77), long jump (18′ 8.25″) and triple jump (38′ 11.5″). While at UL she had compiled personal bests of 35′ 10″ in the triple jump and 18′ 5.75″ in the long jump and in the 100 and 200 meters she has clocked 12.31 and 25.62 respectively. 



Best of Jackson Parish track and field to date in 2021

With less than a month to go before the LHSAA state track and field meet will be held at Bernie Moore Stadium on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, track and field athletes from the three Jackson Parish high schools are preparing vigorously. Quitman and Weston has competed in two meets to date, while Jonesboro-Hodge has run in three. Quitman and Weston will run in the Choudrant Invitational on Thursday, April 15th while Jonesboro-Hodge will compete in the Panther Relays in Monroe on Friday, April 16th. All three will take part in their respective district track meet on April 21st with the Regionals being run on April 27th.

Below is a listing of who has registered the top times, distances and heights in each event at each school in the parish. Blank spaces mean that no official marks have been registered yet in a meet. Bold print indicates the best in the parish of the event to date. 

2021 Boys Track and Field

100MJameon Tate – 11.84 (QR)Jamall Johnson – 12.58 (QR)Kaden Shirley – 12.76 (QR)
200MLaJavion Nichols – 23.66 (LSI)Caleb Waters – 25.71 (QR)
400MDatre’vien Bowie – 53.13 (LSI) Christian McGuire – 1:06.67 (CI)
800MCameron Leonard – 2:19.79 (WR)Nicholas Kliebert – 2:34.90 (CI)
1600MDavid Johnson – 6:02.87 (QR)Nicholas Kliebert – 5:54.02 (QR)Dillon Pardue – 5:43.69 (CI)
3200MDavid Johnson – 14:38.05 (LSI)Chance Chaplin – 13:40.08 (CI)Dillon Pardue – 12:43.14 (CI)
110 HurdlesCameron Leonard – 19.86 (WR)
300 HurdlesSavantez Phillips -44.45 (LSI)James Pabaya – 51.42 (CI)
4×100 RelaysCalahan, McGuire, Nichols, Tate – 45.10 (LSI)Everett, Folks, Pabaya, Vail – 49.23 (CI)Albert, Albert, Shirley, Waters – 49.23 (QR)
4×200 RelaysNichols, Tate, McGuire, Calahan – 1:35.79m (LSI)Everett, Johnson, Pabaya, Vail – 1:43.07 (CI)
4×400 RelaysLeonard, Grey, Palmer, Bowie – 3:38.41 (LSI)4:12.79 (CI)
High JumpDatre’vien Bowie – 6’4″Rowe (QR), Kliebert (CI) – 5’2″
Long JumpJustin Calahan – 20′ 5″ (LSI)John Pabaya – 17’9″ (QR)Daniel Albert – 16’3.75″(QR)
Triple JumpDatre’vien Bowie – 43’7″ (LSI)Ty Simonelli – 36’5.5″ (QR)
Pole VaultHunter Folks – 9’6″ (CI)
Shot PutChase Bryant – 43’7″ (LSI)Bailey Keys – 36′ 3.5″ (CI)Rylee McBride – 36’1.5″ (QR)
DiscusChase Bryant – 102’8.5″ (LSI)Jamikel Moffett – 87′ 05″ (CI)
JavelinKolby Mitchell – 139’2″ (WR)Bailey Keys – 107’7″ (QR)
(QR) – Quitman Relays, (WR) – Woodlawn Relays, (LSI) – Llewellyn Starks Invitational, (CI) – Castor Invitational

2021 Girls Track and Field

100MZymea Hoggro – 13.60 (LSI)Clara Womack – 13.86 (QR)
200MLaila Johnson – 27.32 (LSI)Saniya Debose – 35.15 (CI)
400MYahzmynne Andrews – 1:12.38Emma Carter – 1:13.60 (CI)
800MFaith Odom – 3:09.62 (QR)
1600MFaith Odom – 7:09.56 (QR)
3200MFaith Odom – 15:10.00 (QR)
100 HurdlesYahzmynne Andrews – 21.31 Maddie Giddens – 19.98 (CI)LaKerria Austin- 18.62 (QR)
300 HurdlesA’Joriana Hoggro – 57.42 (LSI)Maddie Giddens – 57.96 (CI)
4×100 RelaysWilson,Jackson,Johnson,Hoggro – 52.71 (LSI)Folks,Giddens,Sharplin,Womack-56.53 (CI)
4×200 RelaysAndrews,Jackson,Johnson, Hoggro – 1:53.60 (LSI)Folks, Leach, Sharplin, Womack 2:04.80 (QR)
4×400 RelaysHoggro,Palmer,Johnson, Andrews – 4:55.14 (QR)
High JumpXabrianna Jackson – 4’10” (LSI)Emma Carter – 4’6″ (CI)Briley Peterson – 4’6″ (CI)
Long JumpZymea Hoggro – 16’3″ (LSI)Bethany Leach – 15′ 11″ (CI)LaKerria Austin – 13’9.5″ (QR)
Triple JumpXabrianna Jackson – 34’11” (QR)Bethany Leach – 30′ 11.5″ (CI)
Pole VaultClara Womack – 8’0″ (QR)
Shot PutChamya Waters – 27’3″ (LSI)Lajaesha Bailey – 27’2.5″ (QR)Jalexia Claridy – 31’9.5″ (CI)
DiscusChamya Waters – 66’10.5″ (LSI)Lajaesha Bailey – 64’11″(QR)Jalexia Claridy – 84’6″ (QR)
JavelinChamya Waters – 58’2″ (LSI)Jamine Pittman – 94’7″ (QR)
(QR) – Quitman Relays, (CI) – Castor Invitational

Quitman girls place fourth at Castor Invitational

Quitman scored 84 points in the girls division at the Castor Invitational run on April, 3rd. Normally that would be a good score heading into district competition that will take place next Wednesday. The problem is that district 2B competitors Simsboro and Choudrant scored 107 and 91 points respectively to finish first and second in the meet while the Lady Wolverines ended up fourth. Host Castor came in third with 86 points. Hope for a top district finish is still abound though as seven season best times, distances and heights were registered in the meet.  

Maddie Grace Giddens won the gold in the 300M hurdles while Summer Grillette and Bethany Leach took silver in the pole vault and long jump respectively. Also earning a place on the podium by coming in third was Bethany Leach – 100M and Triple Jump, Emma Carter – 400M,  Summer Grillette – 300M Hurdles, 4x100M Relay team and Jamine Pittman – Javelin. Weston finished with 24 points paced by a second place finish in the Shot Put by Jalexia Claridy and Lakerria Austin in the 100 Meter Hurdles. Coming in third in the High Jump was Briley Peterson.

In boys competition, Quitman finished sixth with 39 points and Weston ninth with eleven. Simsboro won the meet with 130 points followed by host Castor who scored 102 and Converse with 91 points. Hunter Folks won the pole vault for Quitman while Jamikel Moffett came in second in the discus. Dillon Pardue won second in the 3200 Meter Run for Weston.  Additional point earners for Quitman were Ethan Everett (5th) and Jamall Johnson (6th) in the 100M, Chance Chaplin (6th) – 3200 Meters, James Pabaya (5th) – 300 Meter Hurdles, Nicholas Kliebert (5th) – High Jump, John Pabaya (5th) – Long Jump and Bailey Keys (4th) – Shot Put, (6th) – Javelin. The Wolverines also finished 4th in the 4×100 and 4×200 Relays and 5th in the 4×400 Relays. For Weston, Rylee McBride placed 5th in the Shot Put and Dillon Pardue finished 6th in the 1600 Meters.

Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce meeting moved to Wednesday, April 21st

The Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Director Wilda Smith has announced that their regularly scheduled meeting that was supposed to take place on Wednesday, April 14th has been moved to April, 21st. In additional news 23 hanging baskets have been hung to help improve and beautify the appearance of the downtown district. Thanks go to the Ladies of the Lake for cleaning the brass plates on all the benches on Jimmie Davis Boulevard and also for adopting the urns on the corners by businesses. Following is a list of those who gave donations and who they were in memory of:

Alice McWain memory of Ronald Nash and Lonnie Nash;
Barbara Johnson memory of Richard Johnson and Kelli Richmond;
Ben Ledbetter memory Sam Ledbetter and Kathryn (Mom Kat) Davis;
Flo Siadek memory of Coach Chase Frasier;
Jane Sharplin memory of Dr. Zack Harris;
Joyce Wayne memory of Robert Nash;
Kay Knox memory of R.L. Womack, Bobby Womack, and Chuck Womack:
Lisa Nunn memory of Joe Nunn;
Mark, Jody, Stacey memory Louise Treadway;
Mary Hoover memory of Elvis McBetha Hoover;
N.G. Perry Family memory of N.G. Perry;
Randy and Barbara Layfield memory of Willa Dean Cannady;
Ray & Mandy LaBlance memory Leland Stanford;
Regina Rowe memory Christopher Koehler;
Thomas family memory of Pat Thomas;
Vernie Meeks memory of Hope Meeks;
Jackson Parish Times donation for basket;
Karen and Rusty Tolar donation for basket;
Registrar of Voters Office donation for basket;
Smith also reminds all to mark your calendars for June 4th for the first style show for the ladies. Shops in town have been asked to provide 2 to 3 models with merchandise. The hope is that this event will make the community aware of all of the different shops in Jonesboro where they can purchase clothing. Tickets for the event will be $15 for an adult, $5 for 12 and under all under 3 years of age will be free. Hors d’oeuvres will be served. Also the Chamber has set the date of June 5th for the annual C of C golf tournament to be held at the Jackson Parish Recreation Department Golf Course. The tourney will be in a two man scramble format with lunch and prizes given. The Chamber is soliciting hole sponsors for $100 for a hole. The wording on the sign can be your business, an individual, or in memory or honor of someone. Please contact the chamber office for all new signs and the fee is due by by May 15.

Paula Jones Williams Memorial Scholarship announced

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A scholarship has been established in memory of Paula Jones Williams of Jonesboro to provide assistance to a Jonesboro-Hodge graduate that plans to further their education in the college or vocational school setting.
A beloved educator in the Jonesboro-Hodge Schools for 34 years Williams always exhibited a kind and compassionate demeanor that made her students feel welcomed and loved. Her gentle, caring heart helped to establish a lifelong bond with the students she taught. She would be excited about this scholarship, knowing that it will help one of “her kids” to further their education and advance their future. The deadline for the application will be April 30th. Applicants will be contacted for in-person interviews at Jonesboro-Hodge High School after review. Donations for future recipients can be made to the Paula Jones Williams Scholarship Fund at Jonesboro State Bank. 

Louisiana Delta Community College hosts “Spring Fling” on April 14th

The Jonesboro campus of Louisiana Delta Community College, located at 236 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro, will host their Spring Fling on Wednesday, April 14 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. All students, faculty, and staff will receive a free t-shirt and to-go meal so make sure you save the date!

The Jonesboro campus opened in January 2016 and provides assistance in gaining a high school equivalency degree, technical training, or transfer to a four-year university,

Programs Offered On-Campus include: Business Office Administration, General Studies – Liberal Arts, General Studies – Natural Sciences & Math, Industrial Maintenance Technology,  Louisiana Transfer Degrees (Liberal Arts) and Welding

Programs Offered Online are: Associate of Applied Science – (Business and Technology, Business Office Administration, Criminal Justice, Full Stack Cloud Developer, Information Technology) Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer – (Criminal Justice, General Business, Humanities, Social Science), Associate of General Studies – (Business, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences) Associate of Science -Computer Science, Certificate of Technical Studies – (Human Resource Specialist, Medical Coding Specialist, Mortgage Documents Specialist).

Sharon Hathaway featured in Forest Haven “Resident Spotlight”

Sharon Hathaway has been selected as the first “Forest Haven Resident Spotlight”. Sharon came to live at the Forest Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, located at 171 Thrasher Drive in Jonesboro, in November of 2003. She loves to play BINGO and has earned the title of the “BINGO Queen”. She also likes watching TV and facetiming with her family. Sharon is very proud of her nephew, Zach Watson, who was an LSU baseball star. She never missed watching his games on TV and wearing her purple and gold!

“Cannonball Run” this weekend at Chatham Speedway

The “Cannonball Run” Street Stock 40 will be run at the Chatham Speedway on April 16th and 17th boasting a purse of $7,000.00 to win. Regular Classes racing will also take place. General Admission tickets are $15.00 with children 10 and under allowed in free. Pit passes are $35.00.

Robbins Tops Inaugural STSS Cajun Region Feature

Cody Robbins won the inaugural Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) fueled by Sunoco Cajun Region Modified event held on April 3rd. Starting eighth, Robbins cut through the field and passed race-long leader Tommy Rascoe on the final circuit of the 20-lap feature, taking home the oversized check from victory lane at Jerry Hobson’s quarter-mile oval.