Four COVID-19 cases reported in Jackson Parish

According to numbers supplied by the Louisiana Department of Health on April 6th eight people have tested positive for the Coronavirus in Jackson Parish. The Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office has been able to confirm that actually nine people had tested positive for the virus but a second test later confirmed that one who was thought to be infected tested negative. Four actual COVID-19 cases have been identified with no deaths.

Data from the state on April 4th showed that 12,496 cases have been reported with 409 deaths being attributed to COVID-19 with the majority of those being in or around New Orleans. Additional results show 1,726 state residents are in hospitals with 571 of those required to be on ventilators. With 61 of the 64 parishes in the state reporting there have been 4,196 tests completed by the state laboratory with 54,304 tests completed and reported to the state by commercial entities.

“We continue to encourage residents to please stay home if you don’t have to be out and abide by all CDC guidelines” said Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown. “The virus doesn’t move. People move it. If we stop moving, the virus stops moving. It’s that simple. Please be responsible and be patient. This too shall pass.”

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