Creative local Pastor allows congregation to celebrate Easter

Since the founding of America churches all across the nation have traditionally been packed on Easter Sunday. Other than on Christmas there is no other time that Christians make it a point to go to the church of their choice as they celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately these days are not normal times as America deals with the Coronavirus and lives with the many social distancing restrictions that have crippled not only the economy but the ability for people to even go to church.

Thanks to the creativity of a local pastor one congregation was able to come together this past Easter and be able worship at their church. This was made able by Jonesboro-Hodge United Methodist pastor Paul Stearns who came up with an idea that not only allowed his congregation to worship at the church but also stay within the guidelines that have been handed down by federal authorities.

What the “out-of-the-box” thinking Pastor did was hold a sunrise service on the church grounds where his parishioners stayed in their cars in the parking lot while he conducted Sunday service.

“For the last couple of weeks we have not been able to hold service as we are used to,” said Stearns. “I felt it was vitally important that especially on this day that our congregation had the opportunity to come and worship.”

About half of the congregation that normally attends showed up for the unique service and all were very appreciative of Stearns, who stood in front of the mass of parked vehicles to deliver his short but concise sermon.

“It was different to say the least,” said one in attendance who echoed the sentiments of all there. “Still it allowed us to worship on this very important day and I am very grateful for the Pastor for thinking up this idea. “

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