Jonesboro Board of Aldermen Agenda announced

On April 21st at 6:00 pm the Board of Aldermen for the town of Jonesboro held a specially called conference call meeting to discuss items on the April monthly meeting agenda. Most importantly were three resolutions that were proposed by Mayor Leslie Thompson for the council of Devin Flowers, Pete Stringer, Robbie Siadek, James Ginn and Nita Evans to approve.

These resolutions can be clicked on below for full details but to summarize they are as listed:

1. Resolution 2020-020: Declare a state of public health emergency for the Town of Jonesboro

2. Resolution 2020-021: Declare that the Town of Jonesboro employees that haven’t worked since Stay at Home Order was enforced be paid for their time off through FEMA.

3. Resolution 2020-022: Declare that Denmon Engineering be hired to clear and remove obstructions from Jonesboro Airport.

Additional items to be considered are the Midwest Settlement regarding the sale of a piece of property owned by the Town of Jonesboro that was contested, the approval to have a mobile home on 7th street, and the sale of surplus items.

Fire, Police and Public Works department head reports were also to be heard and would be asked to be approved as well as February and March bills to be paid. Each member of the Board and Mayor Thompson would give their comments before the close of the meeting. Next week the Jackson Parish Journal will have the results of each of the items listed on the agenda that is shown below.

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