Fishing Caney Lake Proving Very Productive

Early to bed. Early to rise. Fish like heck and make up lies……… age old Fisherman’s Creed

It is a passage of spring and fortunately one of the few things left in this “new world order” that you can still do. It doesn’t go against “social distancing” requirements as often times it is an individual activity. Even when there is more than one that takes part they are usually at least six feet apart. What am I referring to? Going fishing!!!!!

Here in Jackson Parish we are blessed to be the home of one of the south’s best fishing holes in Caney Lake especially this time of year. Not only do the “big bass” that our local lake is famous for seem to find their way into the many boats that troll the banks and backwaters but the brim, perch and catfish also find their way into the frying pans as well.

Want some proof? Check out some of the photos that have been taken recently. Also if you happen to snap a “goodun” send pics to

Tiffany Whiteman
Jason and Mary Barnard
Justin Girior
Luke Abercrombie

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