COVID-19 Update: Jimmie Davis State Park and Courthouse reopened

Phase One of Governor Jon Bel Edwards plan for the reopening of the state of Louisiana began this past Friday, May 15th. For area residents this meant not only the ability to go to their favorite restaurant once again but more importantly the reopening of two key facilities in the Jimmie Davis State Park and the Jackson Parish Courthouse.

“We are ecstatic about being able to see our customers back,” said Jimmie Davis State Park Manager Paul Florence. “The park without people in it, without kids playing, without families cooking hamburgers, it’s just not right.”

It is vitally important though, that area residents understand that even though that some of the restrictions that were imposed have been lifted the danger of the Coronavirus is still eminent and needs to be treated with extreme caution. This is evidenced by the continued growth of those affected by the virus in Jackson Parish.

According to the May 15th report provided by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office there are now 126 people that have tested positive. Of those, 93 are still active cases, two are currently hospitalized and the death total has grown to six. Twenty seven people have recovered.

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