Fishing Report: It’s Not Just Bass Being Caught

It had been a long day on the lake. The young man in his large and fancy fiberglass boat equipped with a powerful inboard motor and all the modern tools used to catch fish pulled alongside an old-time at the dock that was sitting in his 12 foot aluminum boat that had only a trolling motor attached.

“How did you do?” asked the youngster as he pulled his stringer of two small bass out of the live-well. “Fair to middlin” replied the old-timer. The young man started to tie up his big rig when he took another look over which caused his jaw to drop.

What was causing his stunned expression was the large stringer of big bass ranging from 5-9 pounds that the old-timer was retrieving from his ice chest. “Wow” said the newbie. “Where did you catch all them?” The old-timer wisely looked at his young protégé and calmly said “I caught them right in the mouth!” That is the way of fishing! Someone may tell you what the fish are hitting on but you will never get them to relay where the “honey-hole” is.

Caney Lake continued to provide anglers with nice catches but as the temperature began heating up those fishing local ponds had great luck as well. If you are lucky (or skilled) enough to catch a “good-un” or a nice stringer send your name and a picture to the Jackson Parish Journal at so we can let others celebrate with you.

See below for a sample of the wide variety of fish and even a big loggerhead that was brought home this past week.

Josh Roberts
Brayden and Melissa Carmichael
James Lasyone
Brent Mize
Brent Mize

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