Jackson Parish Recreation Department Moves Forward With Tennis Court Project

Tennis anyone? The Jackson Parish Recreation Board (JPRB) agreed to allow the Riley Company of Louisiana in Ruston, LA to advertise for the tennis court project underwritten by a Land Water Conversation Grant and take quotes on the back concession building during the May 18, 2020 regular monthly meeting held at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center.

The moves highlighted the meeting of Board members Brent Barnett (President), Ricky Cash, Jeff Hairston, Brandon Lamkin, Rodney Potts, Sullivan Stevens and Chris Womack who also heard from several interested parties from the area as well as learning five new scoreboards were in and ready to be installed.

The meeting opened with President Barnett calling for public comments where Ben Ledbetter of the Jackson Parish Journal first talked about possible advertising ventures for the Jackson Parish Recreation Department (JPRD).

Mr. Fred Tolar next spoke to the Board about rules, out of parish playing and drinking at the Golf Course followed by Mr. Todd Culpepper – District 1 Police Juror thanking the Board for all they have done for the children of Jackson Parish.

A cooperative endeavor agreement with the Village of Hodge for 32 yards of wood fiber and 22 six foot borders in the amount of $6,716.00 was then unanimously approved followed by Mr. Steven Gatlin talking about the regulations and restrictions involved with the re-opening of the sports complex.

JPRD Director Tommy Smith was then afforded the discretion to make all decisions about when the baseball/softball season would open based on Governor Jon Bel Edwards plan for Phase Two of the reopening of the state.

Ongoing programs regarding baseball, softball, archery and the graduation ceremonies for Jonesboro-Hodge, Quitman and Weston High School that was held on May 26th-28th at the JPRD were discussed along with an update on activities at the Golf Course that included membership information and banquet rentals.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for 12:00 PM (noon) on June 15th to be held at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center in Jonesboro.

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