Property Insurance Rates in Jonesboro to Be Reduced

Effective July 6th personal property and business owners in the Town of Jonesboro will see a reduction in the cost of insurance. This is because the town has now earned a Class 3 rating by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL).

“I am very pleased to announce that the cost of insurance for personal and business property in the Town of Jonesboro will be less beginning next month,” said Jonesboro Fire Chief Brandon Brown. “I give thanks to our city government for allowing us to get the necessary equipment we needed as well as the full time fire firefighters we have on staff and the many dedicated volunteers who have helped us in reducing response time. “

The PIAL is a private, non-profit association comprised of all insurance companies licensed to write fire and certain coverages in the state of Louisiana. They are responsible for the evaluation of municipalities and fire districts to determine a Protection Classification as well as determine the Building Code Effectiveness Grading classifications fire protection capabilities.

Factors in determining what rating is earned is how up to date a municipalities fire-fighting equipment is, how much training has been provided and completed by staff and volunteers, response time shown and how effective a Fire Department is in absolving the situation.

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