Jonesboro Police Department Does Battle With Harvey Place Residents

On one side of the road was basically the entire Jonesboro Police Department (JPD). On the other were roughly twenty residents of Harvey Place. They were both armed a ready to do battle. Their weapons of warfare – WATER BALLOONS!!!

A fun time was had by all who participated, especially the young kids who seemed to get the best of the JPD judging by the soaked uniforms sported by the officers after the battle.  The event was put on by Jonesboro Police Chief James “Spike” Harris.

“It was just something that we as a department wanted to do with the kids of the neighborhood,” said Harris. “I feel it is important for them to learn at a young age that the Police is not their enemy but a group of adults who have their best interest at heart. By interacting with them in this way it allows them to get to know us a people and not just someone in a uniform.”

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