Jackson Parish to See Dangerous Heat Index Values

There is nothing like having fun in the sun but you have to be careful as well. The National Weather Service (NWS) in Shreveport has announced that throughout the remainder of July that Heat Index values will be in the dangerous level in Jackson Parish.

 The Heat Index (HI) is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature.  To determine the actual Heat Index temperature, look at the Heat Index Chart below. As an example, if the air temperature is 96°F and the relative humidity is 65%, the heat index–how hot it feels–is 121°F.

The red area without numbers indicates extreme danger. The NWS issues a heat advisory when the HI reaches 105° and a heat warning when 105°F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days. Exposure to full sunshine can increase heat index values by up to 15°F.

With prolonged exposure and/or physical activity you can expect the following:

Caution level:  General Fatigue

Extreme Caution: Sunstroke, muscle cramps and heat exhaustion possible

Danger level:  Sunstroke, muscle cramps and heat exhaustion likely

Extreme Danger: Sunstroke, heat stroke likely

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