Legislative Auditor Allows Town of Jonesboro to be Temporarily Removed from Non-Compliance List

Apparently Jonesboro is moving in the right direction in regard to financial stability.  This is evidenced by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor agreeing to temporarily remove the town from their non-compliance list. Now the town can move forward with attempting to fix the problems associated with the utility system.

In June Mayor Leslie Thompson sent a request to the Auditor’s office to take Jonesboro off the list so it would be eligible to apply for available grants so that the town’s utility system could be brought up to required standards set forth by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LEDQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“I am pleased that the Legislative Auditor has agreed that we taking better care of our finances” said Thompson. “There is still a lot of work to be done but this proves that the efforts we have made to be accountable have been well received.”

According to a correspondence received from the Auditor’s office the reprieve was granted under the following conditions.

  1. The Town of Jonesboro can only seek funding necessary to bring the utility system into compliance with LDH, LEDQ and EPA regulations.
  2. All grants received must be expended only in accordance with requirements set forth.
  3. The Town of Jonesboro must report the use of the funding to the Legislative Auditor’s office on a monthly basis.
  4. The Town of Jonesboro must continue to work with state auditors to complete the 2019 fiscal year as soon as possible.

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