Bonine stays committed to having fall sports

Eddie Bonine, executive director of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) posted a letter on Wednesday, July 22, intended to let parents and athletes know the association is committed to fall sports.

“The LHSAA is committed to conducting fall sports to the direct benefit of your student athletes however, we will not put schools in conflict or in harm’s way,” Bonine wrote. “We have no intention of cancelling fall sports unless schools are closed or the pandemic dictates that it is not safe to play.”

Bonine stated the letter was in response to the numerous emails received from the public asking that fall sports not be cancelled. He also had advice for people to help make fall sports happen.

“Gathering in large groups, not wearing masks, not staying home when symptoms are present, and not taking the appropriate steps to quarantine when symptoms are present will only delay and possibly drastically effect fall sports,” Bonine added.

Click here to read the full letter.

In a normal summer, every high school knows the timeline for fall sports and week one kickoff for football.  Although everything is staying on script as of right now in Louisiana, it could all change quickly. Even Bonine admitted Thursday, July 23, that it remains a very fluid situation in which time is closing in on them.

“We’re reaching the date where we need to make a final decision,” said Bonine. “If we’re going to have fall sports, what’s the date or dates going to look like if we establish a modification of the schedule and what’s this going to entail?’

Bonine added that the hope is that the football season will begin around August 10th which is near the normal time that fall season kicks off. Nationwide, decisions on when the prep season will begin varies greatly. As example the state of California announced the delay of fall sports until the spring of 2021 while the UIL in Texas announced a two-week delay to the football season for 5A and 6A schools.

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