Great way to motivate a child!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Editor’s note: I remember when I was 8 years old being so excited when my mother called out to me that my picture was in the newspaper. I quickly ran over and sure enough, there I was. My parents called everyone in the family and their friends to tell them. My friends called me to say they had seen it.  I was so proud.

What was the result? From that day on I would practice harder than I ever had before. It served as the best form of motivation than anything had ever done before or since. It is a goal of the Jackson Parish Journal (JPJ) to show as many pictures of the youth in our area as we can in hopes that they too may also gain the same motivation to be the best they can be.

With that in mind the JPJ asks for your help in achieving our goal.  If you have a picture of your child in game action and want to see them published in the JPJ so they can have their “15 seconds of fame” send an email to:

Please include the name of the child, what team they are on and the age group of the league. While it can’t be guaranteed that every picture sent will be published please know that the JPJ will show as many as we can. After all as the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

                                Leagues Results and Standings (As of July 26th)

7 & 8 Girls

It was a big week for Jonesboro State Bank as they won their first two of the season after dropping their initial four games. Heyhunner opened up a big lead in league play with two more wins with Leach’s Line Drivers and Johnny’s Pizza falling off the pace with two losses each.

  1. Heyhunners 5-0-1
  2. Leach’s Line Drivers 4-2-1
  3. Johnny’ Pizza 2-4-0
  4. Jonesboro State Bank 2-4-0

7 & 8 Boys

Mercy Medical finally got in the win column and the race for the top spot got more crowded as Southern Kustoms lost a pair to drop into a tie for second with Traina’s Bakery. Both now trail SPS by a half game.

  1. SPS 4-2-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-2-2
  3. Traina’s Bakery 3-2-2
  4. Mercy Medical 1-5-1

9 & 10 Girls

Leach’s Turf Divas stayed unbeaten with two more wins with Extreme Nutrition sitting a game and a half back. Pro Car Sparkle & Shine tied one but they and Vanguard Realty are still searching for first win of the year.

  1. Leach’s Turf Divas 7-0-0
  2. Extreme Nutrition 5-1-1
  3. Pro Car Sparkle&Shine 0-5-2
  4. Vanguard Realty 0-6-1

9 & 10 Boys

Rhode’s Farm won one and tied one to open up a two and a half game lead over Southern Kustoms who split a pair of games. Hodge Bank, which still has a game to be made up due to rain tied one and lost one.

  1. Rhode’s Farm 5-1-1
  2. Southern Kustoms 3-4-0
  3. Hodge Bank 1-4-1

11-13 Girls

Catfish Inn continues to dominate with seven wins in a row. Next closest is Family Pharmacy sitting at four games back with Listle Real Estate two more behind.

  1. Catfish Inn 7-0-0
  2. Family Pharmacy 3-5-0
  3. Listle Real Estate 1-6-0

11–13 Boys

Jonesboro Glass won two to take over the top spot from Academy Mortgage who sits one game back. Pardue Builders and Six Point both tied one and lost one.

  1. Jonesboro Glass 5-2-0
  2. Academy Mortgage 4-3-0
  3. Pardue Builders 2-4-1
  4. Six Point 1-5-1
Winding up! Breanna Lamkin of Extreme Nutrition in 9-10 girls league
Winding up! Breanna Lamkin of Extreme Nutrition in 9-10 girls league
In game entertainment! Darrell Avery’s Legal Eagles team in Tee Ball league
Who’s ready? Jonesboro State Bank from Wee Ball league
Time to go to work! Jess Potts walking to practice
Looking good! Two players from Jonesboro State Bank 7&8 year old league
Ready to score! Jana Potts of Pro Car Sparkle & Shine – 9 & 10 grils league

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