Two-thirds of positive COVID-19 test cases in Jackson Parish have recovered

Tired of hearing the gloomy statistics that are constantly being broadcast concerning the COVID-19 epidemic? This is not to make light of the terrible disease that has gripped the nation since March but there is also some good news to report as well.

According to the report issued by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office as of July 27th there has been 307 positive test cases reported in Jackson Parish. Of those, 208 of those infected have recovered.  That represents a 67.7% recovery rate, meaning two out of every three people who have become sick with COVID-19 have gotten over the disease. 

Further good news is that the Jackson Parish Correctional Center now shows there are no cases reported. It must be remembered though that 17 deaths have occurred and there are still 82 active cases shown in the parish with one remaining in the hospital. Please keep the in your prayers.

Statistics in Jackson Parish regarding COVID-19

Positive test cases – 307

Recovered – 208

Active cases – 82

Deaths -17

In hospital – 1

Cases at the JPCC – 0


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