Jackson Parish Police Jury Levies 2020 Millage Rates and Makes Budget Cuts

Do you know what the “millage rate” means in regard to the property taxes you pay? According to Investopedia.com the “millage rate” is the tax rate used to calculate local property taxes. The millage rate represents the amount per every $1,000 of a property’s assessed value.

Per the adoption of the 25.50 millage rate for 2020 by the Jackson Parish Police Jury at their regularly scheduled July meeting this means that property owners will pay $25.50 for e very $1000.00 of a property’s assessed value.  It would have been higher were it not for a motion to lower the library millage rate by 1.5 mills.

Breakdown of millage rates as assigned by JPPJ for 2020 tax roll:

  1. General Alimony 39
  2. Roads and Bridges 23
  3. Roads, Asphalt, Paving 55
  4. Recreation District 63
  5. Health Unit 80
  6. Library & Bookmobile 90


Total: 25.50 mils

Budget greatly reduced by Police Jury

The above heading is no misprint. At the regularly scheduled July meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury it was agreed by Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, John McCarty, Regina Row, Tarneshala (Niki) Cowans and Lynn Treadway to reduce the 2020 budget considerably – as in $365,316.27 worth.  Todd Culpepper was absent.

All in all, there were nine adjustments to the budget with five increases and four decreases to certain areas agreed upon. The good news was that despite the higher number of items there was to be increased the amount of money of the decreased items was much more.

The largest addition was to the LCDBG fund that increased $84,748.78 with the next being to the General Fund which was increased by $53,376.49. Both of these were a far cry from the top two amounts that were taken. The biggest decrease came from the Capital Outlay Fund which showed a $438,000.00 reduction followed by the Statutory Reserve Fund which was set at $173,231.85 lower.

Breakdown of 2020 budget adjustments:

Dollar increases in budget items:

  1. General Fund 53,376.49
  2. Asphalt Fund 40,951.62
  3. Coroner’s Fund 53,376.49
  4. Federal Grants Fund 40,000.00
  5. LCDBG Fund 84,748.78                            total increases: $272,453.35

Dollar decreases in budget items:

  1. Statutory Reserve Fund 173,231.85
  2. Capital Outlay Fund 438,000.00
  3. Landfill Closure Fund   18,537.77
  4. Court Witness Fees Fund     8,000.00                           total decreased: $637,769.62

Total difference:  $365,316.27 decrease in 2020 budget

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