Audit Uncovers Jackson Parish Employee Misappropriated Funds

After a recent audit of the Jackson Parish Recreation district a former employee who had already been accused of misappropriating thousands of dollars has been arrested. Taken into custody by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office was Edward Zehr, who last year managed the Pro-Shop at the Jackson Parish Golf Course.

According to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor report this past Sunday an independent auditor analyzed the organization’s financial records and noted that the former manager of the golf course admitted to misappropriating $12,000 over a seven-month period. However, the auditor estimated the amount missing was actually $19,000.00.

The auditor said the situation occurred due to a lack of appropriate internal controls at the Golf Course and suggested that procedures be implemented to ensure cash collections are properly handled, deposited, and recorded. At the time of the independent auditor’s report, a court hearing had yet to be set for the arrested individual.

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