Weekend Incident at Jackson Parish Correctional Center Quelled Quietly

An incident occurred this past Saturday at the Jackson Parish Correctional Center when a small number of inmates damaged their dormitories in protest of the fact there was no electricity or water available after damages caused by Hurricane Laura.

It wasn’t too long after, but in no way as result of the protest, that water and electricity services were re-established at the Correctional Center. The protest was then quickly squashed and activity resumed back to normal

“No one was injured and the public was never in any danger,” said Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown. “I also give thanks to the Jonesboro, Quitman and Ward 4 Fire departments.”

The three fire departments were very helpful in keeping the inmates from overheating after they were forced to go outside so the dorms could be repaired by providing a shower of water overhead to help alleviate the heat.   

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