Louisiana Moves to Phase 3

Last Friday Governor Jon Bel Edwards announced that he is moving Louisiana into Phase 3 of the re-opening of the state, which allows most businesses and other institutions more freedom. Just what exactly does that mean? Here’s an outline of what Gov. John Bel Edwards says is now allowable:

  1. Businesses such as restaurants, spas, gyms, etc. will be allowed to open at 75% while still following social distancing guideline.
  2. Bars can reopen on a parish-by-parish basis IF the parish is testing under 5% positivity for two weeks. Parish leaders still have to approve the reopening. Those bars will be at 25% occupancy and open for table service ONLY.
  3. On-premise alcohol sales will end at 10 p.m. for all restaurants, bars, casinos, etc.
  4. Nobody under 21-years-old will be allowed in these reopened bars.
  5. Social gatherings such as weddings or parties will be capped at 50% or 250 people, whichever is lower. The same applies for any outdoor events.
  6. Casinos will stay under Phase 2 rules: 50% capacity.
  7. Sporting events such as high school football will be capped at 25% capacity. Social distancing is required.
  8. Nursing homes will still not allow visitors, but the LDH is working on a new program to facilitate outdoor visits in parishes with under 5% positivity in their testing.
  9. Schools can increase the number of children on buses from 50% to 75%; a typical large school bus can now seat 54 as opposed to just 36 children.
  10. The maximum number of people in a room increases from 25 to 50
  11. Bands and choirs can start practicing indoors.

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