Mayor Thompson’s Attempt to Veto Salary Raise Of Jonesboro Town Council Overridden

The public outcry was heard. It just didn’t get any effective action. It did get the attention of Mayor Leslie Thompson who attempted to veto the raise in salary to the Jonesboro Board of Aldermen but when it was all said and done, due process took its course and the salary raise stayed in place.

“I have heard what you have asked of us,” said Thompson during the Mayors Update portion of the Town Council meeting on September 8th.  “Your complaints let me know what I needed to do and what we needed to fix.”

That action was a veto set forth by the Jonesboro Mayor that stood as long as it took for the five member panel of Pete Stringer, Devin Flowers, Robbie Siadek, James Ginn and Nia Evans Johnson to make a motion and vote to override the veto.  For the record Councilman Devin Flowers voted against the raise as he had done when it was first established in a prior meeting.

For a full copy of the minutes of the meeting see below or go to Public Notices in the Classifieds Section of the Jackson Parish Journal.

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