Coaching Staff Optimistic After Tigers Scrimmage with Pickering

The response from Jonesboro-Hodge High School head football coach Terrance Blankenship following last Friday’s scrimmage with Pickering when asked about what his feelings were was what you would expect from a seasoned veteran of the sidelines – typical “Coach Speak”.

“We did some good things,” said Blankenship. “But there were some things that we have got to clean up before next week.”

Go back before the beginning of any prior season and you would hear about the same thing. The only difference this time was that he said it with a grin on his face which upon further prodding proved to find out that the Tigers performance has led him to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

“I was very encouraged about what I saw” continued Blankenship. “Maybe this is the year that we can bring home a district championship.”

A district title would be the first in Blankenship’s eight year tenure but the Tigers have been getting closer each year. The last three years they have come in second each season and were just a late score away at North Caddo from winning the district 1-2A championship last year. The cause of the optimism is the return of a talented offensive cast and the promise of an unproven but apparently strong defense.

“I felt coming in we would be able to move the ball on offense and our play showed that we should be in good shape as long as we stay healthy,” said Blankenship. “Our defense didn’t allow a score and we were short a couple of guys so I am in hopes we will be OK on that side of the ball as well.”

It is expected to be breakout season for junior quarterback Tydre Malone and sophomore running back LaJavion Nichols. Both played up to their billing with Malone looking crisp in the pocket and Nichols gaining yardage in chunks as well as being a force at middle linebacker.

“These two have the capability to have an outstanding season if we can keep them on the field,” reflected Blankenship who also mentioned several others who made their presence felt.

“Mosee(Devontae), Calahan (Justin) and Boston (Cornelius) all showed they can be explosive at receiver,” said Blankenship. “Xavier Atkins, who is only a freshman, proved he is ready to play varsity ball also.”

The Tigers open the season this Friday by traveling to Ferriday to take on Delta Charter. Game time is set for 7 pm.

 2020 Jonesboro-Hodge High School Roster

#             NAME                                   POSITION            Hgt         Wgt        Class

1             Calahan, Justin                  WR/DB                 5’8″        170         Jr.

2              Nichols, LaJavion              RB/LB                    6’0″        200         So.

3              Thompson, Brantrel        RB/DB                   5’8″        160         Jr.

4              Lewis, JaMarriyea            WR/DB                 6’1″        180         Jr.

5              Leonard, Chase                 WR/DB                 5’9″        160         So.

6              Boston, Cornelius             WR/DB                 5’10”      175         Sr.

7              Holden, Javious                 WR/DB                 5’9″        160         Jr.

8              Malone, Tydre                   QB/DB                  6’2″        180         Jr.

9              McGuire, Davion              WR/DB                 5’10”      185         Sr.

10           Webb, Connor                   TE/LB                     6’2″        205         Sr.

11           Andrews, Javeon             TE/DE                    6’4″        225         Jr.

12           Bowie, Datre’vien            WR/DB                 6’1″        175         Sr.

13           Malone, Symeon              QB/DB                  6’0″        160         Fr.

14           Mozee, DeVontae           WR/DB                 6’1″        160         Jr.

17           Strickland, Dominick       TE/LB                     6’1″        200         So.

19           Thompson, D’Marrian    WR/DB                 5’10”      130         Fr.

20           Drayton, Ed’Tavious        TE/LB                     6’1″        175         So.

21           Phillips, Savantez             WR/DB                 5’10”      175         So.

22           Thompson, Titus               WR/DB                 5’4″        105         Fr.

23           Leonard, Chance              RB/LB                    5’6″        185         Fr.

24           Atkins, Xavier                     WR/DB                 6’1″        175         Fr.

25           Bolds, Raynald                   WR/DB                 5’9″        150         So.

28           Jackson, Omarrion           WR/DB                 5’9″        145         So.

31           Hernandez, Manuel        WR/DB                 5’8″        145         Jr.

32           Williams, Amar                  WR/DB                 5’10”      165         So.

43           Burks, LaVontae               OL/LB                    5’10”      190         So.

50           Qualls, Jayden                   OL/DL                    6’1″        240         Fr.

52           Henderson, Quiyontae  OL/DL                    6’0″        220         Sr.

53           Bryant, Chaunasy             OL/DL                    5’11”      190         So.

54           Price, Aiden                        OL/DL                    5’11”      220         Jr.

55           Jones, Calen                       OL/DL                    5’10”      185         So.

56           Williams, Terry                  OL/DL                    6’0″        200         Jr.

57           Howard, Quirese              OL/DL                    6’3″        300         Fr.

58           Smith, Peyton                   OL/DL                    6’2″        235         So.

60           Beard, Phillip                      OL/DL                    6’0″        205         Sr.

61           Jones, Demerrius             OL/DL                    5’11”      220         Fr.

63           Bryant, Chase                    OL/DL                    6’1″        225         Sr.

66           Tatum, Josh                        OL/DL                    6’1″        270         So.

70           Knotts, Austin                    OL/DL                    6’1″        340         So.

71           Leonard, Braylon              OL/DL                    5’8″        235         Fr.

72           Levingston, Skylar            OL/DL                    6’2″        330         Sr.

73           Boston, Kehlin                   OL/DL                    5’10”      260         So.

74           Waters, Cartavious          OL/DL                    5’10”      255         So.

80           Atkins, Kalep                      WR/DB                 5’10”      145         Fr.

88           Bradford, Tyler                  WR/DB                 6’0″        160         So.

Head Coach: Terrance Blankenship                                                                         

Assistant Coaches:  Anthony Anderson, Kris Cash, Justin Durbin, Carlos Hicks, Robert Hunter,  Ethan Roberts, Charles Scott                                                                     

Camera Man:  DeMarrion Tatum                                                                              

Managers: T’Keiriyah Martin and Ma’Hogeney Flowers                                                                        

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