Jackson Parish Unclaimed Funds Recipients Announced

You will want to make sure you check this out as you may have an early Christmas present coming. Actually it is something that was already yours but if you are like most you didn’t even know it existed but thanks to the work done by the Louisiana Department of Treasury (LDT)you can now claim it.

The names listed below have been reported to the LDT as being persons appearing to be owners of unclaimed funds subject to the provisions of LSA-R.S.9:151-182, Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. These funds have been presumed to be abandoned and taken into the protective custody of the LDT.

There is no deadline for claiming your money, however, you must provide proof of ownership before the funds will be released. A copy of photo identification will be required and other information that positively identifies the rightful owner may be needed.  You may file a claim for this money and securely upload your documents online at www.latreasury.com.

Information about the property and its return is available to a person having a legal or beneficial interest in the property contacting the Unclaimed Property Difision at 1-888-925-4127, Monday-Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm or by writing to: State Treasurer John M. Schroeder Sr., Louisiana Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property Division, PO Box 91010, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9010.

Names of Jackson Parish residents that appear to have unclaimed funds: (last name, first name, middle)

A & S Fashions, 502 Beech Springs Road, Jonesboro

Alexander Roy Arnold, 202 Applegate Road, Jonesboro

Alexander Roy Arnold, Rt. 2 Box 34-C, Jonesboro

American Cancer Society, 2684 Hwy 505, Jonesboro

American Towing, 5882 Hwy 167, Quitman

Andrews David M, Country Club Drive, Jonesboro

Atkins Vernon C, PO Box 17, Jonesboro

Atkins Roy D, 1042 Lockhart Drive, Quitman

Barnes Marteal, 438 Mitchell – Apt. 438, Jonesboro

Bayles Billy E, 715 Chatham Ave, Chatham

Bennett, Davis C (Jr.), PO Box 401, Quitman

Bennett Olivia, PO Box r, Chatham

Booker Linda, 707 Morroco St. Jonesboro

Boston Felicia, 149 Bellwood Drive – Apt 16, Quitman

Bradford Charlotte, 116 Hawk St, Jonesboro

Brown Contractors Inc., Bear Knoll Drive, Quitman

Brown Sharon, PO Box 309, Jonesboro

Brown Theodis, 7013 Main St., Hodge

Bruner Jewel ., 123 Hawk St, Jonesboro

Caldwell Sandra K, PO Box 392, Hodge

Cannon Theresa S, 178 Hickory Nut Road, Quitman

Causey Kerry L, 253 Traina Road, Jonesboro

Chambless Hyrum, PO Box 148, Chatham

Cook Don, 287 Industrial Drive, Jonesboro

Cook Joshua, 919 ½ South Polk Avenue, Jonesboro

Cooper Brandon Scott 2214 Kelley Road, Quitman

Cunningham Darrell, 906 Northeast St., Jonesboro

Davis Jeroline T, PO Box1236 S 644, Jonesboro

Debnam Terrie L, 443 Pardue Loop, Jonesboro

Dill Chardae, 9013 Main St, Hodge

Donaldson Justin D, 475 Hwy 505, Jonesboro

Dowaingnoe Anderson, 108 Clarence Street, Jonesboro

Dupont John, 200 Critter Creek Road, Chatham

Ellis Cloteal, 438 Mitchell Street, Jonesboro

Emmons Mildred B, PO Box 702, Jonesboro

Estate of Will Henderson Jr., 307 Pearrie Street, Jonesboro

Estate of Arty Harris, 104 Stevenson Drive, Quitman

Estate of Bonnie W Terral, 903 Harvey Place, Jonesboro

Estate of Hixie A Potts, 223 Odenbaugh Road, Jonesboro

Estate of Purvis Lee Hunt, 106 Cedar St., Jonesboro

Exco Resources, 3716 Hwy 155, Quitman

Freeman Laura M, 1236S 3rd Street, Hodge

Garner Cedrick J, PO Box 1071, Hodge

Gray Chris L, 3077 Walker Road, Jonesboro

Gray Sandra, 3051 Walker Road, Jonesboro

Haddox Velma, 924 Harvey Place, Jonesboro

Hall Lola, 302 Central Street, Jonesboro

Hammons Archie, 171 Thrasher Drive, Jonesboro

Hammons Martha, 171 Thrasher Drive, Jonesboro

Harris Ernest, PO Box 1002, Hodge

Hatch Ursula, 7444 Hwy 4, Jonesboro

Hay Wayne, PO Box 483, Jonesboro

Herndon Jacob, 1209 Hudson Avenue, Jonesboro

Hines Blanchard, 352 Stevenson Drive, Quitman

Poole Imogene, PO Box 683, Jonesboro

Jefferson Scottie, 839 Beech Springs Road, Jonesboro

Jett Tiffany C, 1519 E Main St., Jonesboro

Johnson Regina, 304 Sandy Acres Drive, Quitman

Johnson Stanley F, 2178 Hwy 146, Chatham

Kendera Joseph P, 1810 Walker Road, Jonesboro

Kilgore Lessie J, 1014 S Cooper Avenue, Jonesboro

King Jeffery W. 1102 S Polk Avenue, Jonesboro

Kyle Andrew H, 2248 Transport Road, Jonesboro

Lashley Rebecca, 416 Cooper Avenue, Jonesboro

Lebrun James, 5493 Walker Road, Jonesboro

Leonard Juanita, 1527 Public Road, Hodge

Lewis Gussie, 1248 Sweet Home Road, Jonesboro

Litton Elizabeth, 118 East 10th Street, Jonesboro

Loyd H C, Rt 2 Box 160-C, Jonesboro

Margaret Calhoun Estate, 303 Holly Drive, Jonesboro

Martin Benny, 716 3rd Street, Jonesboro

Martin Dorothy J, 1524 Cynthia, Jonesboro

Martinez Brenda, 216 Bond St – Apt 14, Jonesboro

May Clayton, 533 4th Street, Jonesboro

McDonald Michele, 975 Hwy 4, Jonesboro

McMillan Calvin, 1083 Pardue Loop, Jonesboro

McMoy A, 616 Hickory Lane, Jonesboro

McMoy Concrete, 616 Hickory Lane, Jonesboro

Miles Melinda, 2400 Wayne Street, Jonesboro

Miller Angela, 107 Cooper Avenue, Jonesboro

Miller Tina, 201 Rita Lane, Quitman

Milstead Joyce H, 1778 Pardue Loop, Jonesboro

O’Bryan Heather, 317 Paradis Drive, Jonesboro

Patterson Louis, Rt 2 Box 248, Jonesboro

Plunkett Lane, 310 Seymore, Jonesboro

Plunkett Jimmie D, PO Box 36, Quitman

Rascoe Lamar, 915 Harvey Place, Jonesboro

Rascoe Opal L, 407 Harvey Place, Jonesboro

Reed Michael, 199 Hogan Road, Jonesboro

Richard Ollie M, PO Box 694, Hodge

Roberts James L, PO Box 422, Hodge

Rowe, Virginia (Estate), 1420 South Polk Avenue, Jonesboro

Scott Carlos, 1079 Evergreen Road, Jonesboro

Scully Thomas A, 106 Burnett Road, Quitman

Shively Tony, 905 South 4th Street, Hodge

Shoemaker Brandi, 6906 Quitman Hwy, Quitman

Simon Sagel A, 4373 Hwy 4, Jonesboro

Simpson Shelby N, 1623 Gracie Lane, Jonesboro

Smith & Nephew Inc, 1450 Brooks Chapel Road, Quitman

Snowden Glenda J, 820 Pardue Loop, Jonesboro

Spillers Curatrix, 201 Rita Lane, Quitman

Spillers Tina Miller, 201 Rita Lane, Quitman

Staggs Lynwood R, PO Box 42, Hodge

Stewart Mattie M, 738 Hwy 505, Jonesboro

Swearengin Robin, 119 Tumlin Street, Jonesboro

Talton Booker, 619 E Main – Apt #16, Jonesboro

Thomas Mary McCrary, Rt 1 Box 264, Jonesboro

Thompson Ladarriel, 306 Northeast Street, Jonesboro

Thomas Billie, 1147 Bear Knoll Drive, Quitman

Truelove Joshua, 590 Barmie Dark Road, Jonesboro

Watts John W, 5753 Hwy 4, Jonesboro

Wayne Charles R, 393 Walker Road, Jonesboro

Westbrook Bailee, 310 Jimmie Davis Blvd – Apt #3, Jonesboro

Willis Carolyn, 1121 South 1st Street, Hodge

Woodard Johnel, 1900 Cynthia Street, Jonesboro

Woods Brandon T, 2403 Troy Avenue, Jonesboro

Woods Walter (Jr), 2403 Troy Avenue, Jonesboro

Wyatt Zakalah, 247 Mount Mariah Church Road, Chatham

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