Citizens can now take a much-needed break from the hype, drama and tension associated with the 2020 Election process that has kept citizens on the edge of their seats for the past several weeks.  AMERICA HAS SPOKEN, and it is time to focus on the predicament and dire conditions the nation faces and finds itself currently involved in, a nation where thousands of American citizens are dying daily from COVID 19, hundreds of citizens are being evicted from their homes and apartments due to soaring unemployment, where food lines are stretching for miles and where families are hungry, children are going to bed each night with little or no food to eat.

The 2020 presidential election was an event that chronicled a historical moment in American history where over one million citizens voted early.  It was also an election that mesmerized and captivated the attention of citizens for much too long and most Americans could not wait for closure to an event that had become one of the most divisive and  polarizing moments in American history, the likes of which had never been seen or hope to see ever again.  Yes, the 2020 elections were truly about redeeming the soul of America.  Protesters of all colors, genders, religion, young and old, from across the nation have united and are demanding answers to  questions such as what plan and strategy does the nation have for defeating COVID 19, what are the plans for handling and fixing soaring unemployment, addressing issues of racial injustice and inequality, overhauling the nation’s broken criminal justice system, mandating quality health care for all, attacking voter suppression issues, advent of white supremacy groups, tackling issues of foreign government interference with our national and local elections, enacting a national mandate to wear masks to protect others, addressing income disparities, and immigration reform just to name a few of the  issues that the nation can no longer ignore and dismiss through wishful thinking. 

We have and are experiencing over 90,000 COVID 19 infections per day and have witnessed thousands of citizens dying daily from this deadly virus.  We have heard too many citizens saying “what the heck, we are done with this COVID virus and I will live my life as I choose”. As Christian brothers and sisters, we are to be reminded of the lessons taught to young Timothy by the seasoned apostle Paul which is believed to be good therapy and instructions for today’s multitudes.  Paul cautioned Timothy that the time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine.  They will chase after those spiritual leaders who will indulge their flesh, materialism, and lusts.  They will turn to fables.  They will not glorify God, nor be thankful to Him.  They will not even retain God in their knowledge.  We are living in moments where citizens have itching ears to hear things that suit their fantasies, (oh the virus will soon be gone, we are turning the curve on COVID, you do not have to wear masks) for they no longer long for the truth, they prefer to follow untrained leaders whose eyes are blinded from the truth, the wolves in sheep clothing, rather than following the hard sciences and the health experts.  These followers are many who are determined to live their lives the way they choose even if it means harming others.  They have become pleasure and greed seekers.

No one really knew how the Presidential election  was going to turn out but many felt that whatever the outcome, this nation, America, needs to repent, fall on its knees and began to pray mightily for deliverance and the ability to keep step with God’s word and commands if it (America) is to survive and prosper.  We are presently in a war for survival.  We are a divided nation a nation that needs healing, a nation facing enemies on every hand.  Elderly folks would often be heard to comment “if it’s not one thing it’s another.”  In this war for survival we must fight to win, fight for our values, fight for justice, fight to break down the walls and barriers that divide the nation, fight not to grow weary, not to faint, and fight with all the spiritual strength and armor that we can summon to do God’s will.

Citizens must know that the battle that they are fighting is not against fellow citizens, but with and against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness found in high places.  In this crisis moment and this war for survival, among the many enemies we face, we must acknowledge that we can become our own worst enemy fighting like a man beating the air.  Therefore, in this war for survival and the soul of America we must maintain mastery over self, doing things not our way but God’s way.  Moreover, there can be no retreat from a mandate to meet the great challenges of this decisive hour, that of coming to the aid of justice.

The nation is racing against time during an era when mountains of events are being swirled and thrust upon it.  Fellow citizens we must do God’s work today, the work of being just with one another, providing opportunities for all, doing unto others as we would have them to do unto us, casting our differences into yonder sea of forgetfulness.  Let us be about the business and work of loving and forgiving one another as Christ Jesus loves and forgives us.  Why?  Because God’s word reminds us that night will come when no man can work.

O God, please save America, is our prayer.  Trouble our hearts, conscience and spirits as never before to walk upright before thee and our fellow man, deliver us from the mean and evil spirit that is echoing across the land, from the inexpressible hostility and shameful racial divide that is engulfing and sweeping across the nation.  America must no longer tolerate poor citizens be they black, white, brown, or yellow who are noticeably being bound by chains of poverty while in the midst of an affluent society.  Convict America to break from the status quo and to move with expediency to join a new peaceful, non-violent  movement to save our nation and once and for all to live up to the true meaning of an ideology forged and etched in the nation’s declaration of independence.  Why?  Because all destiny is tied up with America’s destiny.  

Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr. is an associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Grambling State University, former President, Grambling State University Faculty Senate and former Chair, Department of Consumer Education and Resource Management, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

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