Jonesboro Board of Aldermen Move Forward With Operation Clean-Up

Operation Clean Up is now in full swing. After several months of discussion the Jonesboro Board of Aldermen put into motion the process of cleaning up five dilapidated properties located in the city limits of Jonesboro that include the burning of any and all immovable structures.

The program is designed to not only clean up unsightly areas of the town where the owners did not have sufficient funds to do so but to also provide training for the Jonesboro Fire Department in safely and effectively fighting fires within the town of Jonesboro.

Each owner of the five properties gave the town permission to demolish and burn the structures on site subject to the conditions that the town of Jonesboro would assume all risks associated with the burning of the buildings and be liable for any damages caused to movable property on any other locations.

Further stipulations are that the town is not responsible for removing any debris left after the structure has been burned and that the cost of such removal shall be borne by the owner. Also the town of Jonesboro shall not be required to pay the owner of the property for any damages to any improvements on the designated property.

The owner of the property must warrant that any structures to be burned are not insured or mortgaged to any individual, firm or corporation and both parties (town and owner) must satisfy themselves that the structures contain no asbestos or other harmful chemicals or substances. 

The properties are located at: 221 Northeast Street, 416 Northeast Street, 424 Northeast Street, 134 Lawrence Street and 207 Wood Street. in Jonesboro. No exact date on when the clean-up of each property is to begin has been set as of yet.    

In further action taken at the regularly scheduled, December 8th meeting the attending council members of Devin Flowers, James Ginn, Robbie Siadek and President Pete Stringer (Nia Evans-Johnson was absent) declared that Tax Notice #0105002800 be designated as surplus property and that the starting bid amount should be no less than the cost of advertising . For more detailed information please contact City Hall during normal business hours.

The council also voted to allow a mobile home to be placed at 2407 Wayne Street and Police Chief James “Spike” Harris provided his department report. No reports were given by Fire Chief Brandon Brown or Public Works Director Calvin Wortham.

In final action after the minutes of the October 13th, October 15th and  November 24th minutes were approved board members approved the closure or twelve bank accounts at the Jackson Parish Bank that were no longer used.

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