By: Glynn Harris

I love a good book, especially if it has anything to do with the outdoors. Fortunately my library has been restocked with some gems this fall. With Christmas just around the corner, my thinking is that my readers who love the outdoors will want to take advantage of some good outdoors-related books as special gifts to a hunters/fishermen/nature lovers et al on your Christmas gift list.

            Here are some such books I can highly recommend, not only for their content but because they were written by outdoor writer friends, each of whom is an expert at producing top quality products.


By: Jim Casada

            I have known Jim Casada for years and I find his writing capable of holding my attention for hours on end. In his book, Casada covers just about everything you could imagine a country boy might experience from growing up in the Smoky mountains.

            My initial thought was that this book, although fascinating to read, would be somewhat removed from my growing up in the deep south. I found I was wrong because so many of the experiences he had paralleled mine growing up in rural north Louisiana.

            Chapter headings cover holiday tales and traditions, seasons of the year, tools, toys and boyhood treasures (including sling shots, BB guns, marbles and pocket knives.) He winds up with some precious memories, many of which triggered special memories for me.

This book of almost 300 pages has a number of vintage photos giving life to his stories.

To order an inscribed copy, send a check for $29.95 plus $5 for shipping to Jim Casada, 1250 Yorkdale Dr., Rock Hill, SC 29730 or through his website at www.jimcasadaoutdoors.com.


By: Jim Spencer

If you hunt wild turkeys, this book is a must have for your library. Spencer has chased turkeys all across the United States and in three foreign countries and this is his second beautifully illustrated book in a series about ornery gobblers, most of which beat him at the game of turkey hunting.

For an inscribed copy, send a check for $22 plus $4 shipping and handling to Spencer at Treble Hook Unlimited, P.O Box 758, Calico Rock, AR 72319 or e-mail to modernmountainman@gmail.com.


By: Rob Simbeck

You don’t have to be a hunter or angler to thoroughly enjoy sitting down and reading Simbeck’s book. He’s more of a naturalist and his expert research and writing skills cover just about any critter that flies, crawls or swims in the south.

This book is available at all book stores for $18.95 or you can order your inscribed copy by going to Simbeck’s website at robsimbeck.com.


By: Jim Mize

Interested in outdoors humor? Jim Mize can fill the bill with his latest volume of the mishaps of a do-everything-wrong fellow he calls Beanpole.

Amazon.com offers this book for $12.95 or inscribed copies can be ordered at Mize’s website, acreektricklesthroughit.com. 

Good books, all. You won’t be disappointed.


BUSSEY BRAKE – Bass fishing has been fair around the grass, sunken tops and logs on jigs and spinners. No report on other species. For latest information, contact the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

BLACK BAYOU –  Bass have been fair around structure on soft plastics. Crappie and bream are slow. Contact Honey Hole Tackle Shop 323-8707 for latest information.

OUACHITA RIVER – Crappie have been fair in the river lakes and submerged tops in the river on shiners or jigs. Bass fishing is fair in the cuts and in the back of the river lakes on soft plastics and spinners. For latest information, contact the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE D’ARBONNE – The lake is down some five feet. Crappie have been best on the edges of the channels with some caught on the flats in the afternoons on shiners or jigs. Look for bass in the deepest holes in the channels on tail spinners and crank baits. Bream are slow while catfishing is good on cold worms and night crawlers. For latest reports, call Anderson’s Sport Center at 368-9669 or Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE CLAIBORNE – The crappie bite has slowed but a few are being caught in deep water fishing jigs or shiners in the open water 25 feet deep in 30 foot water. Lower your bait to the bottom and reel up two turns is best. Bass are running small to medium in size with some caught deep on soft plastics and some fairly shallow on spinners and crank baits. Catfishing is fair on trotlines baited with chicken livers. Stripers and bream are slow. For latest information, call Tim Loftin at Kel’s Cove at 927-2264.

CANEY LAKE – Bass fishing has been best in deeper water with spoons and tail spinners picking up a few. The yellow bass are starting to bite in deep water with some caught on jigging spoons and tail spinners bounced off the bottom. Crappie fishing has been fair around deep tops on shiners or jigs. Catfishing is fair with some caught around the boat docks on chicken livers.For latest information contact Bateaux on Caney Lake at 259-6649, Hooks Marina at 249-2347, Terzia Tackle at 278-4498 or the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE POVERTY POINT – Crappie fishing has been best fishing around the boat slips afternoons with some caught in the mornings on the south end of the lake on shiners or jigs. Catfishing has been good this week. No report on bass. For latest reports, call Poverty Point Marina at 318-878-0101.

LAKE ST. JOHN – Bass are fair on soft plastics and jigs with crank baits picking up a few around the piers. Crappie, bream and catfish are slow. For information, call Ken Mahoney at 318-201-3821.

LAKE YUCATAN – The water is high and slowly falling. No fishermen this week. For information, call Surplus City Landing at 318/467-2259.

LAKE BRUIN – Crappie fishing has been fair in the canals on shiners of jigs. Bass, stripers, catfish and bream are all slow. For information, contact Carlos Gray at 318/766-0075.                             

A good book about the outdoors makes a great Christmas gift

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