Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Director Wilda Smith

Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Director Wilda Smith received a token of appreciation from the Board of Directors and President Johnny Horton recently for her year-long commitment and especially during the times of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Wilda deserves special recognition for the work she had done for the Chamber especially during the pandemic,” said Horton. “Her dedication, while often times being forced to work at home, communicating through phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook kept the Chamber right on track.”

Smith was deeply moved by the recognition but in her typical fashion deferred credit to those who work with her and instead expressed her gratitude of being able to represent the people of Jackson Parish.

“I am overwhelmed and very appreciative of our Chamber members and those in the community who have been so supportive,” said Smith.” After seeing how everyone pulled together during these stressful times it makes me even prouder that I am a part of this community.”

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