Louisiana Department of Education launches tutoring initiative

To help those parents and students who are struggling with the back and forth, in-person and online learning, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) plans to provide $1 million to jumpstart the “Accelerate Initiative”. This program will provide additional tutoring sessions to students all across the state.

“We will provide the tutoring lessons in grades kindergarten through 8th grade for reading and math to school systems throughout the state,” said State Superintendent Cade Brumley.. “They have already been made aware that these resources will become available.” 

During this school year, parents often have to take on the role of teacher while their child is learning from home, which hasn’t been easy for most.

“It’s kind of hard sometimes trying to remember 5th grade information as an adult,” said LaTissa Naverre, who is the mother of a 5th grade girl struggling with virtual classes. “She was typically a straight A student, but now getting closer to C’s.”

She is not alone.

“A lot of 4th and 5th grade parents are saying they’re noticing a difference in their child’s grades. The most challenging part is them basically having to self-teach a lot more than they would,” said Naverre.

The spring initiative includes 24 lessons designed to be delivered through tutoring sessions. The program is intended to provide the structure and resources that will help struggling students catch up.

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