Outpatient Medical Center in Natchitoches seeking Compliance Auditor and Clinic Managers

The Outpatient Medical Center seeks a skilled Compliance Auditor to investigate, audit, and prepare reports to executive officers and the policy-making Board. For assigned compliance matters, this executive level position will assess and track healthcare compliance with procedures, policies, federal requirements, Joint Commission standards, etc. Must have experience with healthcare compliance and ability to prepare reports that meet expectations. Salary based on job related experiences and qualifications. This is an exempt position that assumes assigned emergency duties when necessary. 

OMC is also looking for 3 ethical, personable, highly-responsible and highly-accountable experienced healthcare supervisors to run OMC clinics in Natchitoches (largest), Leesville, and DeSoto (RHC) under established policies and procedures. Outstanding, energetic, and experienced candidates are encouraged to apply. Must have a record of successful business management experience. Salary based on degree of job-related experience and qualifications. For a full set of responsibilities and qualifications contact the OMC executive office at 318-357-2071 or email info@outpatientmedical.org. 

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