Toni Malone and Lynette Roberts receive appointments by the Chatham Board of Aldermen

Toni Malone was named Mayor Pro-Tempore and Lynette Roberts as Town Clerk at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Chatham Board of Aldermen held on January 12th at the Town Hall, located at 1709 Oak Street in Chatham.

Unanimously agreeing to the two appointments  were attending town council members: Marvin Davis, Laverne Mixon, Sue Proffer, Mike Wilson and Malone. Chatham Mayor, Gregory Harris and a bevy of local residents were also present for the initial meeting of 2021.

Resolution #2020-13, that was first presented in December of last year and involved the setting of time and dates of regular town council meetings in 2021 and two new Resolutions (2021-01 & 2021-02) which allowed for a couple of state grants to be applied for, were then unanimously approved.

Resolution #2021-01 involved applying for a Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF) grant that will be used to clean and repair the elevated water storage tank. Resolution #2021-02 allowed for an application to be made for a grant funded by the  Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP) that will be used to purchase mowing equipment for the town.

Another Resolution (#2020-14) that was presented last year, involving the sale of the Garbage Truck owned by the Town, was tabled until more information can be obtained. Approval to accept the LA Compliance Questionnaire for the fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2020 and financial statements as presented were the final two actions taken before the meeting was adjourned. 

On January 19th, a special session of the Town Council took place with Aldermen Marvin Davis, Toni Malone and Laverne Mixon in attendance along with Mayor Harris. Sue Proffer and Mike Wilson was absent. The meeting centered on the adoption of Resolution #2021-03 which allowed for the 2004 Chevrolet model Garbage Truck, owned by the Town of Chatham, to be declared as surplus property. It was also agreed to offer the truck for sale and that sealed bids would be taken until Friday, February 5th and be opened at the regular Town Council meeting that was held on February 9th. 


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