Hwy 167 Overpass in Jonesboro deemed safe to travel after suspected cracks discovered

According to Jonesboro Mayor, Leslie Thompson, who issued a statement to the Jackson Parish Journal at 12:05 pm on Wednesday, February 17th, officials from the Louisiana Department of Transportation (DOTD) have deemed the Hwy 167 overhead pass between Jonesboro-Hodge High School and Popeye’s Fast Food Restaurant to be safe to travel on despite what looked two cracks in the concrete panels. 

“I just spoke with the DOTD representative and he assured me the places where the joints look like they have separated on the bridge is not a safety hazard,” Thompson.  “What is currently much more dangerous to your safety is not being extremely cautious when traveling on the bridge or any overpass as they become very icy and slick in these conditions. My best recommendation is  not to get on the roads in this weather unless you simply have to.”crack3

The bridge was temporarily closed and DOTD officials immediately called in after it was feared the overpass was unsafe for travel when it was discovered that what looked like two cracks in concrete slabs that make up the structures driving surface had materialized. Upon closer inspection it was found to simply be that two “joints”(space where the concrete slabs meet up” had lost the filler material between them most likely due to becoming brittle from the extreme cold weather.

DOTD and Jackson Parish officials remind all motorists that the Parish is currently under a winter storm warning advisory and road conditions are hazardous to be especially careful of icy conditions while traveling on any overpass or bridge.  Any further updates and information will be passed along as soon as received. 

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