Boil Advisory Issued for Jonesboro water

(Friday, February 19th – 6:30pm) Due to the unprecedented breakage of water mains that has been experienced over the past several days a boil advisory has been issued for the Town of Jonesboro. The emergency notice was issued by Mayor Leslie Thompson in a written statement (shown below) and through a video that has been published on the Jackson Parish Journal Facebook page.

Mayor Thompson’s statement:

As of Friday, February 19th and until further notice the Town of Jonesboro is under a boil advisory. I pray that everyone is doing as well as possible in these difficult times. As you are aware we are presently experiencing some unprecedented moments in our beloved town of Jonesboro that has brought on abnormal problems with our infrastructure which has paralyzed the entire town.

We have been working around the clock in our efforts to restore water for our citizens. The Public Works team, consisting of both water and street departments, along with the Fire and Police Departments, are hard at work trying to assist the townspeople wherever possible. Never before in recent or known history have we had as many breaks of the water lines. As the Public Works team identifies a break we are immediately moving to repair it. Please know we are working diligently to restore water to the town as soon as possible.

We ask that when your water is restored that you would use it sparingly in an effort to prevent over taxing the system as it tries to build up the necessary levels to operate as it should. Your role in conservation plays an important part in maintaining an adequate water supply and we must work collectively to overcome this trying and unwelcome condition. Thank you for your consideration and patience. If you detect a break in a water main please call: 318-475-1445 to report.

Mayor Leslie Thompson

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