“February Freeze” leaves lasting memories

The once in a generation event that took place twice in less than a month will forever be indelibly etched in the minds of Jackson Parish residents along with everyone in north Louisiana. It was a time when a rare type of fun and enjoyment was had by all. It was also a time that proved that amidst the beauty and wonder of nature lurks danger and damage as well.

Thanks to the advent of social media many images of the past week were captured and shared through various outlets and websites. Many were funny, heart warming and even awe-inspiring. Others that depicted the widespread amount of damage  left behind were very scary to see but at the same time left a feeling of thankfulness that the trail of danger and destructions, wasn’t worse. Below is a small pictorial review of just some silly and scary shots of sights seen in Jackson Parish and other nearby areas during the past seven days that will forever be remembered as the “February Freeze.”


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