Weston/Quitman to hold classes Monday, Jonesboro schools remains in virtual status

Weston High and Quitman High will hold classes on Monday while all Jonesboro schools will continue to have virtual classes until further notice. Jackson Parish School Superintendent David Claxton made the announcement through a written statement Sunday night that was provided to the Jackson Parish Journal along with other media outlets. In regard to bus transportation across the parish Claxton indicated that there is the possibility that some buses may run a little late due to potential safety precautions. Jonesboro schools had to remain in virtual classroom status due to the ongoing water situation in the town.

Statement submitted by Superintendent Claxton:

Students will return to school tomorrow at both Weston and Quitman. Buses will be running, but for safety reasons, may be running a little late. Please be patient. Due to water outages, Jonesboro schools will be virtual with staff reporting to complete virtual lessons and/or student packets.

Teachers will send out information to parents as to what their child needs to do to complete the assigned lessons. We will continue to monitor the water situation and will let parents know tomorrow if the students will be able to return to Jonesboro on Tuesday. Please be safe in your travels.

David Claxton, Superintendent

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