Updated information provided regarding problems with Jonesboro water system

Water issues for the Town of Jonesboro continue and the Boil Advisory that has been in effect over the past two weeks is still in effect. The good news is that if finally looks lie a light can be seen shining at the end of the proverbial tunnel as evidenced by the statement below that Jonesboro Alderman James Ginn issued this past Thursday.

Update you on the Town of Jonesboro Water System:

The good news that the pressure in the high tank is continuing to build and is now at the highest point since before the winter storm. That is a result of the 6 wells being run properly to pump water but more importantly, leaks are being identified and fixed.
The Water & Sewer Department has cut off a number of homes that had leaks due to broken pipes so those residents could make repairs. There has also been a number of repairs made by the department and contractors to some of the lines that were broke. Some of these were new breaks and some of these were previous breaks that had possibly gotten worse as a result of the storm.
The bottom line is that we are now pumping more water into the system than we are losing. While the high tank continues to fill at night, it will drop during the day because people and businesses are awake and using water. Two steps forward at night and a step back during the day.
The only section of town that still has no water is the area of Walker Road from approximately the Full Gospel Temple east toward the end of the Jonesboro service lines at approximately Casey Lane. Other areas are still experiencing low pressure and while that will continue to improve it will be slow and inconsistent.
BOIL ADVISORY is still in effect for our system and I strongly encourage you to do that.
Please help us continue to identity leaks TODAY because steady rain is in the forecast starting tonight for the next several days which of course makes it harder to find leaks.
As citizens and customers, you have been very patient with this process. We understand the frustration of all and we have been looking at solutions before the storm and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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