Beech Springs Baptist Church Rummage Sale benefitting St. Jude’s raises most money ever

If you didn’t know already, Jackson Parish is a great place to live. A great example of why is the way residents came together to help their friends and neighbors who suffered from the effects of the hurricanes and winter weather. While that deserves commendation, what is so very unique about residents of the “piney woods” and earns even greater praise is the recent help given to people they most likely will never meet.

According to committee member, Susan Duck Horton, the annual rummage sale that was put on by Beech Springs Baptist Church in Quitman this past Saturday designated to primarily benefit the children of St. Jude’s Regional Hospital,  raised over $1,300.00  which is more money than ever before in the nine year history of the event. 

“We had a great turnout and we really want to thank everyone for their tremendous support,” said Horton. “Not only did the members of the congregation show up, as they always do, but this year we had more new people come than has ever come before.”

To think that this was achieved when just about everybody involved has suffered greatly themselves over the past 60 days is astounding. Great appreciation goes to the members of Beech Springs Baptist Church and to all of those who took part in this wonderful cause. The way you blessed others is one of the main reasons why it is a such blessing to call Jackson Parish home. 

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