Public Hearing regarding upcoming Sales Tax Election set for Monday, March 8th

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Interested Jackson Parish residents are asked to set their calendars for Monday, March 8th to plan to attend the first of the two Public Hearing’s regarding the upcoming Sales Tax election. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 5:15pm at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center in Jonesboro, located at 160 Industrial Avenue in Jonesboro and will proceed the regular monthly session of the Jackson Parish Police Jury. 

On the future ballot will be the request to have the Sales Tax increased by one cent above the current 9.45% rate that is added to every dollar spent on the purchase of products from retailers to individual consumers. The need for the additional amount is for help in defraying costs of operating the Solid Waste Department that is in critical financial shape due to the overwhelming burden caused by the natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms) over the past twelve months.

“I am just like anyone else in that I don ‘t like the idea of having to consider raising the sales tax,” said Police Jury President Amy Magee. “What I hope our residents understand though is that without this additional help the way our Solid Waste Department is currently being run will be forced to change dramatically.”

Over the next several weeks the Jackson Parish Journal will take a deep look at how and where exactly the tax will be applied, why it is deemed necessary and what will be gained if the tax passes, as well as, what will have to be sacrificed by residents if the tax fails. 



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