Jonesboro Board of Aldermen engage with CPA firm on 2019-20 audit

At the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Jonesboro Board of Aldermen that was held on Tuesday, March 9th, the Town Council agreed to engage with Bosch and Statham CPA firm in regard to the 2019-20 audit. Members that were present were Devin Flowers, James Ginn, Robbie Siadek and Pete Stringer. Nia Evans-Johnson was absent. 

After Jackson Parish Police Jury President Amy Magee spoke briefly during the public comments portion of the meeting, Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson updated the Council on the audit progress and gave recognition to all the Town employees for the diligent work to restore water to the town. 

Ordinance 2021-001 regarding surplus property owned by the town was then discussed culminating in the bid by Pamela McGuire in the amount of $500.00,which was the only one submitted, being accepted. Department head reports, February bills and the February minutes as well as the adoption of Resolution 2021-06 in regard to the LCDB grant was then accepted.

Two items met with dissent. The first was the approval by the Board to hire Sketea Walker to the Jonesboro Police Department on a part time basis that was vetoed by the Mayor citing that before he gave approval, Police Chief James “Spike” Harris needed to present an acceptable plan for redistribution of funds. The second was in regard to the February financials that the Council failed to approve after discussion found several errors that were contained in the report that was presented. 

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