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Town of Jonesboro Board of Alderman Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Call of order: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Leslie Thompson at 6 P.M.
Roll Call: Johnson-Absent, Flowers-Present, Ginn-Present, Siadek-Present, and Stringer-Present.
Invocation was conducted by Siadek.
Pledge of Allegiance was conducted by Stringer.
Public Comments: Police Jury President, Amy McGee, spoke briefly.
Mayor’s Update: Mayor Thompson updated the council on the audit progress. Thompson gave recognition to all the Town employees who worked diligently during and after the snow storm to restore the water to the Town.
Ordinance 2021-001 Surplus Property bid discussion: Bids for Ordinance 2021-001 Surplus Property were submitted by March 8th and opened March 9th. There was only one bid submitted. Pamela McGuire submitted a bid of $500.00. Stringer made a motion to accept the bid, seconded by Siadek. Motion carried.
Police New Hire– Sketea Walker: Ginn made a motion to hire Sketea Walker at $13.00 an hour on a part time basis, seconded by Siadek.. After discussion of the Police department budget the council voted as follows: Ginn- Yes, Siadek- Yes, Stringer- Yes, Flowers- Yes. Mayor Thompson then vetoed the approval of the new hire until Chief presents an acceptable plan for redistribution.
Department head reports: Fire Chief Brown, Assistant Police Chief Murphy, and Public Works Director Wortham gave updates for each department. Flowers made a motion to approve the department head reports, seconded by Siadek. Motion carried.
Approval of February Bills: Ginn made a motion to approve February bills, seconded by Flowers. Motion carried.
Approval of February Financials: A motion by Siadek was made to veto February financials, seconded by Flowers. After discussing several errors in the financial report the council voted as follows to veto the February financials: Ginn-Yes, Siadek-Yes, Stinger-Yes, Flowers-Yes. Motion carried. The February financials were not approved.
Approval of February minutes: Siadek made a motion to approve the minutes for February seconded by Stringer. Motion carried.
Resolution 20201-006 LCDBG: Flowers made a motion to adopt Resolution 2021-006 LCDBG, seconded by Siadek. Motion carried.
Audit 2019-2020 Engagement Authorization: A motion was made by Siadek to approve authorization to engage in the 2019-2020 audit with Bosch and Statham CPA, seconded by Stringer.
Council Comments: Comments were expressed.
Mayor Comments: Comments were expressed.
Adjournment: Flowers made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Siadek. Motion carried.


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