Jackson Parish Hospital unveils new futuristic model patient rooms

The incredible, new amenities found in one of the most futuristic designed, hospital patient rooms you would ever expect to see is something you would expect to find at one of Louisiana’s major hospitals like Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans or Willis-Knighton Medical Center in Shreveport. Yet the “sneak-peak” tour that was held on Tuesday took place at the Jackson Parish Hospital (JPH) in Jonesboro.

 Say what? Of all the hospitals in the state, the JPH is going to be the site of some of the most modern medical technological advances there is to offer? You bet ya! Actually, if you have been keeping up with the advancements made at the hospital over the last couple of years you know that this announcement isn’t as “mind blowing” as it might sound. After all, it was JPH who was on the cutting-edge of using revolutionary Tele-Medicine technology in schools to allow students to see a clinical provider when feeling ill, without the need to leave school. It was also the Jackson Parish Hospital that was among the first few hospitals in the state to offer 3D mammography two years ago, implemented a brand-new artificial-intelligence (AI) assisted Computed Tomography (CT) machine just over a year ago, and was also recently in the top five percent of hospitals in the state when evaluating total care.

You don’t have to look far to find the reason the JPH is continuing to earn such lofty accolades and making cutting edge strides in patient care. All you have to do is walk through the administrative offices where CEO John Morgan and CFO Jason Thomas can be found. Credit also must be given to the Board of Directors, who share in the futuristic vision and goals of making the JPH one of the most modern healthcare facilities around. 

Among the recent advances JPH has implemented is a brand-new futuristic nurse call system (NCS). According to Sam Haydon, Regional Manager for West-Com, “One reason we chose to partner with Jackson Parish Hospital in the launching of the first total NCS system in the state was because we were greatly impressed with the ideals and goals that this administration shared,” said Haydon. “Their ambition to bring the best patient experience possible is right in line with what we are trying to achieve.”jp3

The many features of the revolutionary Nurse Call System is simply jaw-dropping to the point that you basically have to see it to believe it. Mere words that try to describe the various functions just doesn’t do justice. Here is a sampling of some of the advantages that are found. 

  1. Pillow Speaker – Naturally you can call to a nurse but now simply by pushing a button, you can request pain medication or assistance to go to the rest room. No more having to explain why you are calling every time. You can even raise or dim the room lights and of course change the TV channel and adjust the volume. 
  2. Electronic patient care board – No more having to try and decipher the writing on the hard to read, white dry board. This new age, easy to read, information panel automatically identifies the nurse, physician and even aide that walks through the door through the use of electronic sensors that are implanted on the medical staffs badges. Other listings shown is the patients activity schedule, safety plan, pain level, schedule and description of medication and even blood sugar level.
  3.  State of the art medical monitor – All vital stats are easily accessed and needed plug ins are housed on a conveniently located wall monitor that eliminates the need for the medical staff to roll in and out  separate pieces of equipment that takes up space. 
  4. Wall embedded charting computer – Makes for easier and quicker recording and evaluation of patient care needs. 

jph4The NCS system is just one of several upgrades that each room of the new wing at the JPS has to offer. Remember the problems associated with the archaic, standard room design that is found in virtually every hospital across the state? There was the air conditioning unit that jutted out from the wall making it hard to get around. For guests who stayed overnight, sleeping was almost impossible in the old style chairs, especially when the medical staff was needing to move around the patients bed as there was never enough space. Taking showers in the small bathrooms were always an adventure if the room had a shower. 

All of those former “liabilities” of being in the hospital are now “assets” to your stay. A new air-pressure system is built in the ceiling that not only keeps temperatures at a comfortable level but also removes any possible infectious airborne particles ensuring that the air is clean for the patient and guest alike. Seating and bedding is much improved through the large sofa in each room that make down to a full size bed with the simple pull of an easy to reach extended tab. This is possible because the rooms are a full 70 square feet bigger than in the past. the bathroom is more spacious as well, each equipped with large, walk in shower areas. 

The hospital has taken past issues and suggestions about amenities and treatment options to heart when designing the new rooms, and each of these additions and improvements comes directly from staff, provider, patient, and board suggestions on how to make healthcare better.jph2

“We don’t want to just be any hospital, we want to be THE hospital,” says Morgan. “These efforts to help make Jackson Parish proud of the healthcare offerings available to patients goes a long way towards that.”

Using a take of a popular saying “This isn’t your father’s hospital.” At the Jackson Parish Hospital  – THE FUTURE IS NOW!


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