New SCAM reported taking place across North Louisiana

A new scam is sweeping the nation and operating in our area. According to investigators, victims are getting emails that claim to be from Norton Anti-Virus. Norton Anti-Virus is a popular and widely used anti-virus software program. Officials say the email will claim that the victim’s Norton account has been shut down or they owed a refund of $199.00. They also say there will be a phone number or a link to reach out to the scammers.

Investigators tell us calling the number or clicking the link, allowing the scammers to have access to your computer and any banking information you have on your computer. This is just one step away from the scammers to try to move money from your savings account into your checking account leaving the victim believing they were given money as a “refund deposit”. Then, the scammers will put in the wrong amount of money in the transfer and as the victim to pay them back with a gift card to save their job at Norton. Officials say one recent victim bought $8,000 in gift cards.

Investigators say the victim will not realize the money came from their savings account, not from Norton, until they have already spent money on gift cards. If you get a call that you suspect is a scam, you are asked to call the Jackson  Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-259-9021. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at

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